Do You Think The Grammy Awards Are Worth Watching?

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Art, by its very nature is extremely subjective, but thereís something about music that makes it even more polarizing. The Oscars and the Emmys might have had their share of controversies over the years, but the Grammys put both to shame in terms of outrage accrued. From Steely Dan beating out Eminem and Radiohead for Best Album in 2000 to Jethro Tull topping Metallica in the 1988 Best Metal Performance category, the history of the Grammys is awash in decisions that seem laughable in retrospect. Combine that with the inherent difficulty of making bands perform without their normal stage shows, and the yearly awards night doesnít exactly overflow with credibility.

But even if itís never been and will never be the Oscars, does that make the Grammys unimportant? That all depends on who you ask. Many would argue that, as musicís biggest night, itís still important because itís one of the few venues where everyone shows up. Regardless of individual genres, all of musicís heavy hitters occupy the same space and many even perform together. Tonightís ceremony saw artists from The Beach Boys to Chris Brown take the microphone. Plus, with such a big audience and so many movers and shakers around, itís a great venue for tributes, such as we saw for Whitney Houston.

Iíve never really considered the Grammys required viewing, but I tend to flip back and forth to stay abreast of whatís going on. What do you think? Are the Grammys worth watching? Let us know by voting in the poll belowÖ

Do You Make It A Point To Watch The Grammys?


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