Lindsay Lohan is reportedly a suspect in a recent jewelry theft, but oddly, there’s some debate as to whether anything was even stolen. The bizarre incident occurred during a house party last weekend. The festivities reportedly went all night, and when everyone was about to leave, the homeowner discovered a few of his watches and sunglasses were gone. Police reports were filled, suspects were interviewed and an investigation was launched.

Days later, however, the owner allegedly called the police back and asked the investigation be stopped because nothing was taken. As of press time, he’s reportedly sticking by that story, but for whatever reason, the authorities aren’t buying it. Rumor has it they have set their sights on Lohan, and they think they can find witnesses who will testify she took the goods.

Since this story first broke, many have prematurely convicted Lohan based on the problems she’s had in the past. Others, however, can’t understand why the police would continue to investigate a theft when there’s no longer a complaining victim. Since Lindsay no longer has any money problems or reason to steal, her defenders don’t buy the idea that she’d flush all her forward progress down the toilet for no reason whatsoever.

More and more facts should creep out over the next few weeks, but until they do, let us know your gut feeling. Do you think Lohan is involved with this theft? Tell us by voting in the poll below…

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