Later this month, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and former Playboy model Crystal Harris will reportedly walk down the aisle. The publisher and much younger fiancée were actually set to do the exact same thing roughly a year and a half ago, but just five days before the wedding, she got cold feet and called the whole thing off.

In the aftermath of the canceled nuptials, Hef was extremely polite and said nothing but nice things about his former love. He even let her keep the ring. She, on the other hand, was less than pleasant and blabbed to several outlets about what it was like to date an old man.

Pretty much everyone assumed these two would never speak again, but shockingly, she moved back into the Playboy Mansion earlier this year. Not long after, they officially became a couple again, and earlier this week, news broke that they’d use New Year’s Eve to follow through on the original plan. Not surprisingly, plenty of jokes have been made at the couple’s expense over the past few days, but there are actually legitimate reasons as to why it could work this time.

Her biggest reason for leaving Hef last time was that she needed to live on her own and grow up. For approximately a year, she did that. She experienced life on her own terms, and the fact that Hef was still waiting when she came back, despite the fact that he’s famously not waited on many women in the past, is a sign of just how invested she is. That being said, he’s eighty-six, she’s twenty-six, and they already failed once; so, this certainly could be a disaster.

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How Long Will Hef And Crystal Last?

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