In just a few short days, life has changed a lot for Kim Kardashian. She’s finally gone through all of the necessary procedures to officially be divorced from NBA player Kris Humphries and signed the proper paperwork to bid adieu to her 72-day marriage. Last Friday, a judge declared the couple to be officially divorced, and Kardashian is being extremely gracious about the whole ordeal.

The 32-year-old reality star had to deal with some troubles when she and Humphries were going through the divorce process. Mostly, these issues included wild accusations from Humphries, as well as missed court dates; however, Kardashian now seems to be putting the past behind her. She recently spoke with Extra’s Angie Martinez about where she is at, now.
"I'm just glad for Kris and I both that we can just move on. I think we ultimately both wanted the same thing so I'm glad we were able to come up with an agreement and move on for both of us."

This is the second time in recent memory Kardashian has been the bigger person. The first time occurred after a judge threatened to fine Humphries for not showing up to court and Kardashian intervened. There’s two ways Kardashian could have gone with her post-divorce rhetoric. She could have stayed angry or she could have moved on, and I’m happy to see she is doing the latter. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is well into a pregnancy at this point and has been dating rapper Kanye West for months. It may be a little early to assume wedding bells are in the couple’s future, but at least Kardashian is free to find happiness, whatever that entails.



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