Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson Haven't Spoken In How Long?

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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A high percentage of divorced couples still see and speak with one another on at least a semi-regular basis because of the children they share. Those who split before going down that road, however, have the choice of parting company and never looking back. Let the record show thatís the route Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson have taken.

The 98 Degrees singer/ noted Cincinnati Bengals fan dropped by Andy Cohenís Watch What Happens Live this week for some chit-chat and during the back-and-forth, he revealed quite a few personal facts, including how long itís been since heís spoken to his ex-wife. Hereís the actual quote, as per PeopleÖ
ĒIt's been years. Years. Honestly, probably six years. It was like another lifetime ago."

It might seem strange that Jessica and Nick donít even speak on occasion, but itís not like they run in the same social circles. Besides, heís started an entirely new life with a new woman, and sheís started an entirely new life. Just because someone is extremely important during one portion of life doesnít mean there needs to be a place for that person forever.

In addition to questions about Jessica, Cohen also asked the singer what the best part of not having Papa Joe Simpson as his father-in-law anymore is. Not surprisingly, his quick retort, hinting at all the gay rumors, is generating plenty of response.
ĒI don't have to play grab ass under the table on Easter Sunday."

Of course, since Nick hasnít spoken with Jessica in 6 years, itís likely he has no more information than any of us do. Deep down, however, Iím sure heís pretty damn happy about that. Often, the best way to move on is to make a completely clean break both emotionally and physically.

Hereís to hoping Jessica and Nick continue to find happiness apart.
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