Vanessa Minnillo Officially Takes Nick Lachey's Last Name

For most people, it is rather a matter of choice if a woman goes the traditional route and takes her husband’s name, doesn’t change her name at all, or even hyphenates the damn thing. However, for celebrities whose name often equates to a brand or image, opting to change a name after marriage is often much more of an ordeal. Which is why it is surprising Vanessa Minillo has taken the name of her hubby, albeit a few months late.

The new Mrs. Lachey and former 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey were married last July, but Vanessa is just now getting around to changing her name. According to the Wipeout host, it just takes a while to get things like name changes accomplished, although she is very glad for the “security blanket” that is her relationship.

"When you get caught up with things, it takes time to legally do it, but I'm doing that today. I got my social security card on Friday…and today, after this, I'm going to get my driver's license."

Of course, as a television host, a huge name change is not nearly as much of an issue as a name change could potentially be for an A-list movie actress. Still, it is nice to see a traditional woman go with her gut and change her name just because she wants to. Throughout the rest of the interview, the young star positively glows when speaking of her relationship. Pop Blend couldn’t be happier for the couple. Take a look at the chat courtesy of Access Hollywood below...