Stephon Marbury Had An Affair With The Family Chef

By Mack Rawden 2012-10-21 19:12:11
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Stephon Marbury is no stranger to extramarital scandals. The point guard was forced to testify during the crazy New York Knicks sexual harassment lawsuit that he consensually bedded an intern after a group trip to a strip club back in 2005. Now, heís been forced to admit he also had an affair with his personal chef around the same time thanks to a separate lawsuit.

According to court documents obtained by The New York Post, Marbury and the family chef, Thurayyah Mitchell, had sex on approximately five occasions. When her employment was terminated, Marbury, apparently worried she would tell his wife or sell the story, offered her $900,000 to be quiet. Over the next few years, he paid her $600,000, but when he ran into money problems, he cut her off, and she filed a lawsuit seeking the rest of the cash. Last week, an arbitrator ruled sheís entitled to $330,000 because Marbury willingly entered into the agreement, and she upheld her end of the bargain by not talking publically.

Marburyís decisions to a) cheat on his wife, b) do so with an employee and c) offer her $900K were all idiotic, but that being said, consensually sleeping with an employer should not entitle any woman to almost $200K per sex act. Thatís crazy. Sheís a grown woman. She could have found a job somewhere else. Yes, Iím sure it was uncomfortable when her boss came onto her, but she still had options.

Sleeping with co-workers is always a bad idea. Luckily, most people figure that out without having to pay almost a million dollars in hush money. Pop Blendís thoughts go out to Marburyís wife who once again has to listen to stories of her husbandís infidelities.
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