USC Denies It Accepted Rob Kardashian To Law School

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Rob Kardashian might have a college degree, a Dancing With The Stars runner-up prize and a budding sock empire, but apparently, none of those endeavors are enough to accomplish his real goal. The famous brother announced yesterday heís decided to attend law school at USC.

Not exactly out of left field, Robís father, Robert, graduated from law school back in the day and was probably most famous for working on his good friend OJ Simpsonís legal team. Heíd long pushed aside his law career in favor of business, but after the Juice got hit with the murder accusations, he came out of retirement to do his part. If all goes well, Rob too will wind up with his legal license, though hopefully he wonít have to help one of his best friends beat a murder charge.

At twenty-five, Rob has long been the subject of annoyance from his family for being a bit aimless. According to E!, he even recently moved back in with his sister Khloe and her husband Lamar Odom. Luckily, itís hard to imagine anyone will give him shit once he starts law school. Unfortunately, that start date might not be for awhile.

Despite tweeting he was going to law school soon with a USC hashtag, Kardashian apparently hasnít even applied. The admissions department told The Hollywood Reporter it has definitely not accepted Rob, which might be a pretty good indication of where all those directionless comments from his family come from.

Regardless, Pop Blend wishes Rob the best of luck whenever he decides to attend law school.
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