Survivor's Best Episode: The First Season Finale image
To understand the greatness of the Survivor: Borneo finale, you have to appreciate the power of a shared moment. You have to know more than one hundred and twenty-five million people watched at least part of the last episode. You have to know ads were selling for six hundred thousand dollars a pop and that credible newspapers were running front page stories speculating about who might win
Mack Rawden 2011-12-19
Survivor: South Pacific Watch - Season Finale image
After twenty-three seasons, Survivor has been all over the world, fielded hundreds of contestants, held scores of challenges, and given out $23,000,000 in prize money. See who gets the latest million-dollar check!
Patrick Hodges 2011-12-19
Survivor: South Pacific Watch - Then There Were Five image
All good things come to an end, and for the five-strong Upolu alliance, that time is now. With Coach on one side, Albert on the other and Bipolar Brandon in the middle, the end result is not going to be a quiet one.
Patrick Hodges 2011-12-14
CBS Takes Its First Ratings Win Over Fox And ABC Wednesday Night image
It’s a bad night for ABC when ratings are down for the network’s juggernaut comedy, Modern Family. As this week’s ratings will show, a loss for ABC is apparently a win for CBS. In the face of X Factor and other stiff competition, CBS sneaking through with the Wednesday ratings win just proves how dominant CBS can be if another network slips up even a little.
Jessica Grabert 2011-12-08
Survivor: South Pacific Watch: Ticking Time Bomb image
One by one, the victorious Upolu tribe has dispatched their foes from Savaii to Redemption Island, including turncoat Cochran. Now, with naught to do but turn on each other, the cracks in Upolu's impenetrable alliance start to widen.
Patrick Hodges 2011-12-07
Survivor: South Pacific Watch - Cult Like image
With no more Savaii left to pick off, it's left to turncoat Cochran to try to find some wedge to drive into the six-strong alliance that is the Upolu tribe. For the ultimate Survivor fanboy, that shouldn't be too hard, should it?
Patrick Hodges 2011-11-30
CBS Votes To Renew Survivor For Two More Seasons image
CBS’ Survivor series is a well-oiled machine. It is the longest running reality program on television, and the show, now in its 23rd cycle, is still the 2nd highest watched reality program in the 18-49 demographic. Survivor may not have won as many Emmy’s as CBS network rival The Amazing Race, but it is certainly doing quite well. Which is why it's really no surprise the series would get renewed for a few more seasons.
Jessica Grabert 2011-11-17
Survivor: South Pacific Watch - Running the Show image
With the ex-Savaii members now in a hopeless position, they make the only move they can... to find a crack within the seemingly unshatterable alliance of the six ex-Upolu members (plus Cochran). Does it work? Inquuire within.
Patrick Hodges 2011-11-17
Survivor: South Pacific Watch - Cut Throat image
Last week, Ozzy won the final pre-merge Redemption Island duel, and won a spot back in the game. Jeff decreed that Savaii and Upolu were done, and that they were now one tribe; they chose a new tribe name (“Te Tuna”) and the question of the day was: with six players on each side, how would the vote go?
Patrick Hodges 2011-11-10
Survivor: South Pacific Watch - Double Agent image
Last week, Ozzy let himself be sent to Redemption Island in one of the gutsiest moves in Survivor history, with the hopes of not only rejoining the game but fooling Upolu into believing he's on the outs with Savaii. Did the plan work? Yes and no. But mostly no.
Patrick Hodges 2011-11-02
Survivor: South Pacific Watch - Trojan Horse image
With the teams deadlocked at six players each and a merge looming, victory at the Immunity challenge is crucial. And for the losing team, one player decides to make one of the ballsiest, craziest moves in the history of the show. For the first time this season, things are officially interesting. Oh, and Adam Sandler drops in. Kind of.
Patrick Hodges 2011-10-26
Survivor: South Pacific Watch - Free Agent image
The age-old Survivor question: which is more important, strength or loyalty? The next chapter in this endless debate rages on, culminating in a Tribal Council that could fracture a once-strong alliance. Last week, in this topsy-turvy season where neither tribe has been able to contrive a way to maintain momentum and get a leg up on the other, Upolu took tribal immunity home after a particularly disgusting eating challenge, leaving the still-present hostility between Brandon and Mikayla to simmer for one more episode.
Patrick Hodges 2011-10-19
Survivor: South Pacific Watch - Taste of Victory image
Last week, the tribal Immunity Idol, which hasn’t been won by the same tribe two times in a row so far this season, went back to Savaii. At Upolu, the previously rarely-seen Edna turned into a full-on, annoying chatterbox, and her general uselessness at challenges made her fear for her safety. But as weak as she was, the person on the chopping block was Stacey, who, despite a terrific performance at an endurance challenge, proved that a habitually sour disposition will get you even less far.
Patrick Hodges 2011-10-12
Survivor: South Pacific Watch - Survivalism image
The age-old Survivor question: who would you rather keep, someone strong but joyless and unpleasant, or someone weak but who is so cheerful it's annoying as hell? That's easy.... whoever's cuter. Last week, Coach’s Upolu tribe was able to turn the tables back on Ozzy’s Savaii tribe by winning back immunity in a decisive Immunity Challenge victory, despite the overwrought hand-wringing and melodrama by Brandon…
Patrick Hodges 2011-10-06
Survivor: South Pacific Watch - Reap What You Sow image
Seven days into the game, and Brandon's inner turmoil finally boils over. Over at Savaii, Ozzy strengthens his alliance at the expense of the other three.
Patrick Hodges 2011-09-29
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