Colbert Report Back In Business Today After Shutting Down Last Week image
Good news Colbert Nation, your fearless leader will be back on the air tonight. After a sudden shutdown in production last week that set the internet abuzz with rumors and speculation, The Colbert Report will be back to business as usual today, and thereís no reason to worry about the show.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-02-20
Stephen Colbert's Cancellations Due To Ailing Mother image
One personís illness is behind the lack of Colbert Report tapings this week. Before you panic, the illness is not Stephen Colbertís. Instead, Colbertís mother, Lorna Colbert, is not doing well. The Postís report uses the word ďailingĒ to describe the illness, which generally points to something more serious than the average flu. Although no official statement has come from either Comedy Central or Colbert, the cancelled tapings and Colbertís motherís age Ė sheís an advanced 91- are further evidence of something serious.
Jessica Grabert 2012-02-17
The Colbert Report Unexpectedly Stops Production image
If you noticed an unexpected re-run of The Colbert Report last night, it wasn't your cable company messing with you or some kind of weird time-travel mishap. The show has unexpectedly suspended production for the next two nights, with no explanation of the cause for the break
Katey Rich 2012-02-16
Video: Stephen Colbert Announces Plans To Run For President Of South Carolina image
With the Republican Presidential Primary in Colbert's home state of South Carolina looming, Colbert learned that 5% of primary voters said they would vote for him-- more than would go for actual candidate John Huntsman. With that in mind, Colbert realized he had to hand over the reins of the Super PAC
Katey Rich 2012-01-13
Radiohead To Perform On A Supersized Episode Of The Colbert Report image
Later this month, The Colbert Report is expanding itself to a full hour, making history in the process, in an effort to give the band Radiohead enough time to unleash their greatness upon its viewers. We celebrate with clips from a previous appearance by the band on Comedy Central.
Kelly West 2011-09-19
Daily Show And Colbert Report Going HD For 2010 image
When a major show announces they are making the switch to HD, I find myself thinking, "Finally!" If you have an HD TV you know how annoying it can be watching shows that aren't produced in hi-def. The latest to get in on the treatment are Comedy Central's The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. They'll begin broadcasting in HD on January 4
Jason J. Hughes 2009-12-18
The Decade: TV's Most Lovable Dorks image
Some dorks just jump off the screen. Some are a little more subtle. This decade has proven dorks come in all shapes, sizes, social groups and professions. Letís take a look.
Doug Norrie 2009-12-05
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, And John Edwards All Get The Colbert Bump image
Hey, remember when The Daily Show was cool? Now Jon Stewart is yesterdayís news, as tonight he was officially eclipsed by his protťgť Stephen Colbert. Tonight Colbert wrapped up his visit with appearances from not only Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but their former opponent John Edwards
Josh Tyler 2008-04-18
Colbert Sings the National Anthem With John Legend image
As The Colbert Report is a comedy series, you might think the host wouldíve taken the low road and made a joke out of our nationís song but then again, if youíre familiar with Colbert then you know heís proud to be an American and would never do such a thing. Not only did he take the number mostly seriously, he actually sang it well and managed to hold his own in the duet with Legend. Weíve got the video of it for you in case you didnít catch it.
Kelly West 2008-04-15
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