How The Office Finale Pulled Off A Perfect Surprise image
That's exactly how The Office needed to end, with the most emotional "that's what she said" of all time, with the reunion of the Regional Manager and Assistant to the Regional Manager who meant more to each other than they probably should have, and with a return cameo that was expected but perfectly executed in its surprise
Katey Rich 2013-05-17
The Office Series Finale Watch: Farewell, Dunder Mifflin image
Creed summed it up beautifully at the end of tonight's series finale of The Office… and then he was arrested. But that's another matter. One of the things I've loved so much about The Office was the way it captured the humor and spirit of the mundane. For those who aren't working their dream jobs, going to work every day can be a drag. When the work itself isn't exciting, it's the people that get you through the day. The Office captured that perfectly in the way it featured characters who were, for all intents and purposes, average - for the most part.
Kelly West 2013-05-16
Schrute Facts: A Supercut Of Dwight's Best Moments On The Office image
There’s never been a character quite like Dwight, a man who defies explanation; a lover of bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica; a man with the strength of a grown man and a little baby; an expert on trapping women; a stealthy paper salesman who’s better at hiding than most animals are at vision.
Cinema Blend 2013-05-16
The Office's 10 Best Episodes: Pretzel Day, A Night Out, A Wedding And More image
It's no easy task narrowing down the absolute best episodes of The Office's nine season run. The series has delivered some gems over the last decade. In its efforts to showcase the humor that can be found at a typical American office work place, The Office has delivered numerous installments worth celebrating. Many of which took place within the first four or five seasons, when the comedy series was at its prime. And, by our count, all of which took place during the reign of Michael Scott.
Kelly West, Jesse Carp, Jessica Rawden, Mack Rawden, Katey Rich 2013-05-16
The Office Finale Clips Reveal A Sob Story And A Home Coming image
In a matter of hours - well, half-a-day or so - we'll be watching the final episode of The Office, which should give us some sense of the post-documentary fate of the characters of this long-running workplace comedy. The latest clips zoom in on one character in particular, who's coming home for the special occasion. By the videos revealed, Andy Bernard hasn't had an easy go of it since the documentary aired.
Kelly West 2013-05-16
The Office Finale Clip Shows Jim Planning A Big Event image
Wedding bells are ringing at Dunder Mifflin this week! It's not the first time two beloved characters have gotten married on this series, but it will be the last time as Thursday night marks the final episode of The Office. The hour-and-fifteen-minute finale will involve the nuptials of (spoilers if you aren't caught up!) Dwight and his true love, Angela. Jim has been tasked with being Dwight's best man.
Kelly West 2013-05-15
Watch The Dunder Mifflin Commercial Set To Air During The Office Finale image
The above ad is set to air during The Office series finale this Thursday night, though you don't have to wait until then to get some authentic Dunder Mifflin paper and office supplies. Quill is already selling some great office items with a Dunder Mifflin logo on them.
Kelly West 2013-05-14
The Office U.S. Vs. The Office U.K.: Which Comedy Wins Out?  image
Some might argue that comparing art is a fruitless exercise. They'd probably be right. Pitting one work against the other in some kind of quality competition certainly goes against the spirit of any true artistic endeavour but sitcoms aren't really art and nobody likes fruit. Obviously, I'm kidding. Fruit is healthy as well as delicious. And sitcoms can occasionally be Art with a capital 'A.' Now, with that pretentious bit of rationalizing out of the way, what version of The Office is better? U.K. or U.S.?
Jesse Carp 2013-05-13
5 Underutilized Office Characters Who Left Us Wanting More image
The basic success of a television comedy is almost always directly related to how funny audiences find the main characters. Viewers need a consistently good reason to tune into a show, and an overwhelming majority of the time, that reason comes from the lead actors. After a certain level of success is achieved, however, a funny thing starts to happen. The hardcore fans not only start to get really excited about the supporting staff and the recurring players, they start to cite them as the very reason for the comedy’s overall greatness.
Mack Rawden 2013-05-10
The Office Romances: The Top 5 Dunder Mifflin Couples image
Office romances can be tricky, and there were no shortages of those on The Office. So when it came time for us to analyze our favorite Office romantic relationships, we decided to narrow it down to three factors. Humor, likability and longevity. Were they funny as a couple? Did the relationship lead to some of the more amusing moments in the series? Were they likable? Because funny is important, but we want to like them together too.
Kelly West 2013-05-09
 The Office Attire: 5 Crazy And Hilarious Fashion Choices image
For almost a decade, we’ve watched these characters outfit themselves in some of the wildest, wackiest and most unintentionally stupid costumes one can imagine. They’ve made poor hairdying choices. They’ve repeatedly turned to the same pair of jeans, and they’ve busted out some costumes that clearly belong in another century. We could sit here and argue all day about what the funniest, but here are some of the most memorable.
Jessica Rawden 2013-05-08
The Office Finale Extended By An Extra 15 Minutes image
Earlier today, we pointed out that NBC was making a night out of the finale of The Office, first with an hour-long "retrospective" special set to air at 8:00 p.m., and then following that up with the hour-long series finale. Well, tack an extra fifteen minutes onto the Dunder Mifflin festivities. NBC announced today that the series finale will run an extra fifteen minutes over the hour.
Kelly West 2013-05-07
After The Office: Where The Stars Are Headed Next image
When a series has been on the air as long as The Office, it can be hard to imagine the stars doing anything else. But The Office is coming to an end, and the employees of Dunder Mifflin are headed back out on the job hunt. The series has already spawned several big stars who aren’t hard to keep track of, but if you’re wondering where you can see your other Office favorites in the future, here’s a peek at life after The Office for some of the stars.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2013-05-07
Why Does The Office Want Michael Scott's Return To Be A Secret? image
Bringing Michael back into the mix for the big reunion show might cause some reminiscing, and some awkward reaction shots when they play back some choice scenes from over the years (I'm basing this off a lot of years of watching Top Chef reunion shows). But if we're lucky, we might get a few shots of what happens behind the reunion episode, where Michael is returned to the fold of the people he loved-- and might not have that much to say to him
Katey Rich 2013-05-07
The Office Finale And 'A.A.R.M': What's Ahead At Dunder Mifflin In The Last Two Episodes image
NBC is going to make a night out of The Office finale next week. Not only will they fill the nine o'clock hour with the one-hour finale, but prior to that, an Office retrospective will air. While there's no official description posted for the special just yet, it's probably safe to assume by the title that the hour-long special, which will air at eight, will give us a look back at nine seasons worth of work-place humor and personal drama at Dunder Mifflin ahead of the series' closer.
Kelly West 2013-05-07
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