Watch Vince Gilligan Show Off The Breaking Bad Box Set image
I've never totally gotten the appeal of the unboxing video-- wouldn't you rather have the toy or game than watch someone else open it on YouTube? But I make an exception for Vince Gilligan under pretty much all circumstances, and that includes this unboxing video for the full Breaking Bad box set, which hits shelves on November 26
Katey Rich 2013-11-20
Breaking Bad Spinoff Better Call Saul Could Be Anything image
So we’re all anticipating the future of AMC’s Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, yes? (Obviously, or else why would you click this article?) Those of us waiting for another taste of the Albuquerque life are waiting with breath so baited that we’re positively flooded with its hypothetical potential. But any previous notions one might’ve had about Saul’s structure are being called into question at this point, because nobody knows what the series is going to look like.
Alicia Lutes 2013-11-06
Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan To Guest Star On Community In Season 5 image
Season 5 of Community adds another showrunner… to its list of guest stars, that is. Last week we shared the news that Arrested Development showrunner Mitchell Hurwitz had signed on to guest star in the NBC comedy, and this week comes word that Breaking Bad mastermind Vince Gilligan will also be putting in a bit of face-time at Greendale Community College.
Kelly West 2013-11-04
Find Out Which Breaking Bad Characters Might Appear In Better Call Saul image
The network is currently prepping to air Better Call Saul, a brand new prequel series following the antics of lawyer Saul Goodman. Breaking Bad showrunner Vince Gilligan will be involved, and he recently divulged that a bunch of the show’s cast members (besides the obvious Bob Odenkirk) have expressed interest in the new series.
Jessica Rawden 2013-10-16
Watch Stephen Colbert Fulfill Every Breaking Bad Fan's Dream With Vince Gilligan image
I love the way Gilligan is wearing a jacket that would essentially help him blend like a chameleon into the bland White home, and though he's brought it up elsewhere, his comparison of the end of the series to the end of John Ford's The Searchers really helps understand where Walt's head is when he dives to the ground with Jesse in his arms. And, of course, this has Stephen Colbert singing, and who doesn't need that once in a while?
Katey Rich 2013-10-01
Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan Discusses Alternate Endings image
It has actually been more than 12 hours since the last episode aired, but my head is still reeling a little from all that went down. As it turns out, however, the ending that finally made it onto our television screens last night was not even remotely close to the only ending the writers kicked around.
Jessica Rawden 2013-09-30
One Last Cook: A Special Evening With Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan image
Just over 48 hours before the series finale, 1800 fans gathered at the Centre for Performing Arts for a Vancouver International Film Festival event called 'One Last Cook: A Special Evening With Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan.' The sold out crowd was treated to a Q & A with the genius behind the Emmy winning drama, moderated by Damon Lindelof, as well as a screening of Gilligan's favorite episode.
Jesse Carp 2013-09-29
Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan To Bring Battle Creek Series To CBS image
Vince Gilligan has enjoyed a lot of creative freedom when putting together his AMC drama Breaking Bad, which is currently wrapping up its fifth and final season at the network. It makes since that the producer would be working to get a new project off of the ground now, and CBS has bought Gilligan’s drama, called Battle Creek and the network is moving straight to series with program.
Jessica Rawden 2013-09-25
Watch Vince Gilligan's Hour-Long Breaking Bad Panel Discussion  image
If there's a down side to watching the nearly-hour-long panel discussion featuring Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, it's that it makes me want to rewatch the entire series and I don't think there are enough hours left between now and Sunday night to do that. Unless I gave up sleeping for a couple of days…
Kelly West 2013-08-09
Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan Offers Vague Updates On The Potential Saul Goodman Spinoff image
One of the worst parts about anticipating the upcoming return of Breaking Bad - besides the wait, obviously - is knowing that there are just eight episodes left in the series, after which the story of Walter White will be over, for better or worse. But Breaking Bad's conclusion may not be the complete end of the saga.
Kelly West 2013-07-02
Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan On The Final Season: There Will Be Blood image
The downside to the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad being split in half was having to wait a year for the second half of that final season to air. But on the bright side, it did prolong the series' inevitable conclusion, and from what series creator Vince Gilligan says, those final eight episodes are going to come at us "fast and furious." And there will be blood.
Kelly West 2013-06-12
Watch Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan And Cast Talk With Conan O'Brien For An Hour image
Breaking Bad fans with an hour to spare might want to sit down and watch the panel Conan O'Brien hosted. The panel took place before an Academy of Arts and Sciences audience and has the red-headed TBS late night talk show host Conan O'Brien talking about the series and its final eight episodes with showrunner Vince Gilligan and the cast about the series and the final eight episodes, which we recently learned will begin airing this August.
Kelly West 2013-04-18
Breaking Bad Cast And Creator Vince Gilligan Talk Season 5 And Big Revelations image
It's amazing how much can happen over the course of eleven months. Just ask Walter White. According to Breaking Bad showrunner, that's how much time has passed in Walt's life since the pilot episode of the series. And look how far he's come! We had the opportunity to sit down with Gilliagan and the cast of Breaking Bad at Comic Con last week, and they had some very interesting things about the upcoming season.
Kelly West 2012-07-16
Breaking Bad Comic-Con 2012 Panel Live Blog image
For all of those that watched the last season finale of Breaking Bad all the way back in October 2011, I have some very good news: your wait is almost over. This Sunday, July 15th, marks the season five premiere of the show on AMC and we couldn’t be more excited. What will happen with Walt and Jesse’s business? Is Hank going to catch up with them? Where does everything go from here? Hopefully we’ll get a hint of that during today’s Comic Con panel.
Eric Eisenberg 2012-07-13
Breaking Bad May End After Season 5, New Two-Minute Season 4 Trailer image
All good things must come to an end and Breaking Bad is definitely a good thing. It appears the creator of the AMC drama series has an idea of when the series will end, and it may not be that far off. More on that, a two-minute trailer for Season 4, and some photos from the season premiere ahead!
Kelly West 2011-07-06
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