New Street Fighter IV Screens Reveal The Original World Warriors image
People tell me that complaining gets you nowhere, that I should be happy with what I’m given. Boy do those morons have egg on their face now. Amidst whining and complaining of seeing the same thing from Street Fighter IV so far, Capcom has graciously revealed new screens. And yes, I get my mother flippin’ bent over bendy punch screenshot. The world is now a happy place.
Steve West 2008-02-11
Movie Licensed Games That Are Actually Pretty Rad image
Recently, I did a piece on why the new game, Jumper, based off the movie of the same name, will almost definitely blow the big Blimpie sandwich, and I’m probably right, it most likely will. The game, like most movie tie-in games, is being rushed to make sure it comes out around the same time as the movie, meaning we can expect glitches aplenty much like other cinema friendly crap like Enter the Matrix, and the biggest mistake in gaming history, E.T. for the 2600.
Rich Knight 2008-02-10
Xbox 360 Arcade Invades Japan In March image
Microsoft is just not going to give up on Japan, no matter how many times they’re beat down. Officials from the company have announced that the Xbox 360 Arcade will launch in Japan on March 6th, with the intention of finally getting the eastern market to take them seriously. Last year’s western release resulted in a surprisingly popular little system, even though it had no hard drive.
Steve West 2008-02-04
Xbox LIVE Arcade Hits Drop Tomorrow image
We’ve been hoping to see a sale system implemented with the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Something more official than the typical “2 Days ONLY!!” price drops that have been prevalent. Similar to the Platinum Hits program seen with retail box games, tomorrow Xbox LIVE Arcade Hits will premiere. And with it a number of now classic Arcade titles will be on sale.
Steve West 2007-12-03
Every Extended Extra Extreme Hits Live Arcade This Week image
Tetsuya Mizubuchi sure knows his music based shooters. With titles like Rez and Lumines under his belt, the natural extension to Every Extended Extra was not hard to come by. Microsoft announced that this week’s Live Arcade releases include the “extreme” version of EEE, including 100 times the enemies and chain reactions than ever before.
Steve West 2007-10-16
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