Olympian Ryan Lochte To Start TV Career With 90210 Appearance

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With the Olympics wrapped up, what does a multiple medal winner do next? Well if youíre Ryan Lochte, a career in television is apparently the way to go. Not only does Lochte want to get involved in reality television, heís already landed a guest role on 90210.

Lochte, who was one of the stars of the U.S. Olympic team in swimming during the just-closed London games, is ready to move on to a new career in television. Heís picked up a role on the upcoming season of 90210. His episode, which airs on October 29th, wonít be too much of a chance to flex his acting muscles; he will be playing himself. Lochte will appear as a guest at a resort where two of the regular characters are staying, says TVLine.

It seems he is also looking to play himself in a reality project as well. Lochte already expressed an interest in appearing on either Dancing With the Stars or The Bachelor. I imagine there will be a long line of women wanting to get a chance at being on the latter with Lochte as the prize. If you canít win an Olympic medal, then winning an Olympic medalist is surely the next best thing. Plus, you donít have to go through all that training.

Lochte also played himself on a Funny or Die clip, shown in the interview video, where he quipped about peeing in the pool. Perhaps a career in comedy is ahead for him? I imagine Emmy gold would look lovely on the mantle next to Olympic gold.
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