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A Ton Of Supernatural Actors Are Heading To Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Here's What We Know
When Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders debuted last year, the door was obviously open for cast members from Criminal Minds proper to make appearances. But there will be an influx of actors from a totally different show coming to Season 2.
Supernatural Seasons 1-11 Blu-ray Giveaway
To celebrate, CinemaBlend is giving away not only that Season 11 Blu-ray but also Blu-rays for Seasons 1 through 10. That's right. You can own every single episode of Supernatural, and all you have to do is answer a few questions about the beloved show and drop in your pertinent information in case you happen to win.
No, The Dude Climbing Trump Tower Was Not Jared Padalecki
Yesterday, the Internet followed the relatively brief escapades of a courageous/moronic dude ascending Trump Tower. While a movie fan might make comparisons to King Kong, TV fans looked at the climber's shaggy head of hair and thought it was Supernatural star Jared Padalecki.
The Supernatural Guys Just Can't Stop Pranking Stephen Amell
A lot of the CW shows film together in Vancouver, which means there is time for some sort of interaction between a few of the different shows. The leads of Supernatural apparently have plenty of time between takes to get up to shenanigans.
Supernatural's Finale Cliffhanger Just Got Resolved, Thanks To Jared Padalecki
We can always expect two things out of a Supernatural season finale: an opening montage to "Carry On Wayward Son" and huge cliffhangers. Now, Jared Padalecki has revealed just what actually happened in one of those cliffhangers.
The CW's Fall 2016 Premiere Schedule Announced, Supernatural Switching Nights
The CW released its fall schedule this morning and there are a lot of surprises in store for fans. If you haven’t been keeping tabs on TV news over the last few days, there are quite a few changes coming to the CW's fall schedule. Check them out, here.
Supernatural Is Having A Major Shake-Up Behind The Scenes
Supernatural is hurtling toward the end of its eleventh season, and it's already been renewed for a twelfth. As it happens, Season 12 may look very different due to some behind-the-scenes changes that could have a huge effect.
Supernatural Just Added A Vampire Diaries Star For A Big Role
The Winchester brothers are still busy with their Season 11 exploits, but Supernatural is looking ahead to Season 12. The show is bringing in a major Vampire Diaries player in a key role, and there are plenty of reasons to be excited.
How Supernatural Should End, According To The Stars
If there's one show on television that feels like it's never going to end, that show would have to be Supernatural, but stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have some ideas for what should happen at the end of the road.
Supernatural Just Cast A Popular Wrestler
Ever since news came out that The CW’s Supernatural would be airing a wrestling-themed episode in the second half of Season 11, we’ve been wondering who would be cast to as the star wrestler. Well, no need to carry on wondering, my wayward chums.
How Long Supernatural Will Continue, According To The CW President
Supernatural has been on the air since 2005. At the time the series was greenlighted, the network the show aired on was still known as the WB, if that gives you a better indicator of how long the show has been on the air.
Will Arrow's Stephen Amell Appear On Supernatural? Here's Why We're Hopeful
Stephen Amell is no stranger to hopping away from Arrow to appear elsewhere on The CW, and there’s the slight possibility that he might leave his quiver behind for the demon-filled world of Supernatural next year.
Supernatural Season 10 Finale Watch: Can Death Remove the Mark of Cain?
A season of small-scale storytelling on Supernatural could only end in an abandoned Mexican restaurant in Nebraska. Season 10 dropped the typical end-of-the-world season-long arc in favor of a dilemma that pushed Sam and Dean’s brotherly bond to its breaking point.
Supernatural Season 10, Episode 22 Watch: The Stynes Land in Dean's Crosshairs
“The Prisoner” was the best episode of this show I’ve seen since “Road Trip” in Season 9. The most amazing part of this hour was that it delivered the goods without a typical Supernatural plot. The characters, their interactions, and their growth were all it took to give us a dynamite hour of television.
Supernatural Season 10, Episode 21 Watch: Charlie Pays Dearly for Sam's Secrecy
“Dark Dynasty” reminded us of the love that Sam, Castiel, and Charlie have for Dean. They will go to any length to save their friend from the Mark of Cain, even if their plan for saving him involves going behind his back, working with Rowena, and messing with the Book of the Damned.
Supernatural Season 10, Episode 20 Watch: Castiel Helps Claire Find Her Mom
“Angel Heart” was surprisingly touching and provided a fitting end to the Novak family arc. The chess pieces are being shuffled into position for an exciting finish to Season 10.
Supernatural Season 10, Episode 19 Watch: Dean Reunites with Benny in Purgatory
When Supernatural sticks to doing original stories, there are few shows that can match its creativity and execution. Ten seasons have given this show a rich mythology and it’s immensely rewarding to see new uses for characters and settings from seasons past.
Supernatural Season 10, Episode 17 Watch: Bobby Puts Heaven On Hold For A Prison Break
“Inside Man” reminded us that despite its age, Supernatural still has some magic left in the tank. A cold open with our main characters had my attention right away, and when I saw Bobby with his feet propped and Kenny Rogers playing on the radio, I knew we were in for a treat.
Supernatural Season 10, Episode 16 Watch: Dean Finds Faith And A Hot Nun
What a fan looks for in these standalone episodes is one memorable scene that will serve as a lasting season memory. I won’t remember any details of “Paint It Black” after Season 10 concludes save for Jensen Ackles’ most masterful performance in quite some time.
Supernatural Season 10, Episode 15 Watch: Sam and Dean Battle Evil Worms
Supernatural returned from its umpteenth hiatus this season with one of its stronger hours in a while. “The Things They Carried” brought former Dean-o stalker Cole back into the picture for a hunt involving soldiers harboring an evil worm.
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