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Rampage’s Action Scenes Are More Intense Than James Bond, According To Naomie Harris

Only Naomie Harris can say that she has appeared in Rampage AND a James Bond film, as she has played Eve Moneypenny in Skyfall and Spectre.

The Ridiculous Rampage Premise Brad Peyton Instantly Turned Down

Rampage is an adaptation of the 1986 arcade game that saw players taking control of gigantic monsters. But the movie version does deviate from the source material quite a bit.

Why Rampage Was The Perfect Video Game To Adapt, According To Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson is confident that Rampage is finally going to put the supposed "curse" of the video game adaptation that has blighted Hollywood for so long to bed once and for all.

What Melissa McCarthy Learned On Her Past Films That Helped With Life Of The Party

In Life Of The Party, Melissa McCarthy plays Deanna, a longtime housewife who decides to go back to college after her husband suddenly leaves her.

How Melissa McCarthy Uses Wardrobe To Build Her Original Characters

The 47-year-old Melissa McCarthy is equally skilled doing physical comedy, quick witty one-liners, and exploding in sudden hilarious bouts of rage. But it all has to start somewhere.

The Unbelievable Reason Den Of Thieves Was Able To Get Access To The Federal Reserve Bank

Gaining access to the actual Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Los Angeles was always going to be difficult, what with the fact that it is the home to billions upon billions of dollars.

Why Gerard Butler Actually Ate Raw Chicken On The Den Of Thieves Set

Butler explained to us how important Dobyns was to his process of getting into character, which then led to the hilarious revelation that Butler ate raw chicken in a scene.

Den Of Thieves Wants To Be Compared To Some Truly Classic Crime Thrillers

Because Den Of Thieves is a crime heist thriller set in Los Angeles it is immediately going to be compared to other films of such ilk, some of which are peerless.

How Video Games From The 1990s Are Influencing Jumanji, According To The Rock

While some folks still enjoy spending an evening playing board games, it is safe to say that they don't have quite the same popularity as they did in the mid 90s when the original Jumanji was released.

How Robin Williams’ Character Will Be Referenced In Jumanji, According To The Rock

Last October we were given the great fortune of visiting the set of Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, where we sat down with the film's cast and crew to discuss its origins.

Is Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle A Sequel, A Prequel Or A Reboot? Here’s What We Know

While there has been a lot of intrigue and excitement over the release of Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, it has also been hard to figure out exactly how the film links up to the original. Is it a sequel? Does it reboot the franchise? Is it a modern remake?

What The Bad Moms Christmas Directors Want Audiences To Take Away From The Film

There's a message hidden deep inside of every film. Some of them are more obvious that others, some are much more resonant, but there's always something that its writers, producers, and director want their audience to go home with. Even though it is packed with raucous humor, A Bad Moms Christmas is no different.

How Bad Moms Christmas Will Avoid Repeating The Original

The sixteen month gap between the release of Bad Moms and its impending sequel A Bad Moms Christmas means that the writing and directing team of Jon Lucas and Scott Moore had little to no time to try and come up with an idea for the sequel.

One Place Baywatch Has Actually Been A Huge Hit

Baywatch might have been a dud in the U.S., but it has at least fared well in one territory, and it's all thanks to one popular actor connected to the movie.

A Ghost Story Review

Bewitching, romantic, lyrical, and unquestionably original, A Ghost Story is a convoluting watch that leaves you feeling satisfied, even if you don't understand why.

The Funny Way Bill Murray Stressed Out Ivan Reitman On The Set Of Meatballs

Everyone loves Bill Murray. That's just a fact. But there was a very good reason why Ivan Reitman was stressed out by him on the first day of production for Meatballs.

The Fate Of The Furious Director Addressed The Justice For Han Controversy

F. Gary Gray has finally addressed the Justice For Han campaign that erupted after the release of The Fate Of The Furious, and you'll be quite shocked at what he has to say.

The Chinese Box Office Isn’t Growing Like Many Had Hoped

The Chinese box office has been experienced an underwhelming 12 months, leading experts to revise their estimations for the territory.

Would Edgar Wright Do Another Franchise Movie? Here’s What He Says

Edgar Wright discusses whether or not he'd ever work on a franchise film. Considering how successful Baby Driver has been he can expect offers to soon be fooding in.

The Bizarre Reason T.J. Miller Considered Doing The Emoji Movie

How did T.J. Miller end up joining The Emoji Movie? The comedian has detailed exactly how he came to be in the bizarre animated comedy, and it'll make you love him even more.

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