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Arrow Season 4 Just Signed On Oliver's New Nemesis

Arrow appears to be heading into its fourth season with an ever-growing rogues gallery. The superhero series can now add actor, Ryan Robbins to that list. A veteran of several genre fan favorites, Robbins has been tapped to portray a nemesis who retroactively torments Oliver Queen in the flashback sequences.

Humans Renewed For Season 2 On AMC

It was announced that AMC's summer freshman series Humans has been officially renewed for a second season on the back of some impressive Sunday numbers. At least for a show that isn’t The Walking Dead.

Harrison Ford Wasn't The Only Person Injured On The Set Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Unfortunately for The Force Awakens director, J.J. Abrams, who tried to help Ford after his on-set leg injury last year, he got a firsthand lesson about the ironic dangers of grace-deprived good intentions when he suffered an injury of his own.

Wait, How Did They Want To Create Yoda For The Empire Strikes Back?

The Star Wars visionaries who created Yoda always had ambitions to be memorably eccentric with his design. However, an interesting tidbit has surfaced indicating that the original on-screen puppet we know and love was actually set to be played by a live primate!

Ivan Reitman Denies Ghostbusters Spinoff As Writer Offers New Details

While the Ghostbusters franchise relaunches next year with an impressive lineup of funny female talent, reports of a subsequent guy-centric counterpart film came and went… until they came back again. Now, writer Drew Pearce, who is attached to the franchise spinoff, straightens the record on the project’s alleged man-filled mandate.

Bryan Singer On The Inspiration For Apocalypse's Villain Design

X-Men: Apocalypse certainly took on quite the challenge when tackling its titular antagonist. While the comic book designs seemed unfeasible to adapt in a live-action capacity, director Bryan Singer reveals the mindset behind the character’s rather peculiar look in the film.

Spotlight Trailer Exposes A Religious Scandal, Looks Powerful

Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo may be known for playing superheroes, but their next film, Spotlight, has assembled an impressive cast to examine allegations of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

This Brooklyn Nine-Nine Highlight Tape Of Captain Holt's Insults Is Hilarious

While there’s no shortage of side-splitting absurdity on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the police precinct’s stolid overseer, Captain Raymond Holt has managed to steal the spotlight with his hilarious, increasingly adversarial rapport with Kyra Sedgwick’s Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch.

The Transformers Franchise Is Learning Valuable Lessons From Television

The Transformers franchise is a box-office powerhouse, having collectively made billions. Yet, it’s a different story when it comes to deep narratives that stand the test of time. Thus, the studio has corralled a number of prominent writers from the world of television with designs to ensure that this insanely profitable IP continues its world-wrecking ways at the box-office.

What Netflix Is Doing About Bill Cosby's Comedy Special

It appears that the torrential, toxic status of Bill Cosby has finally led to one inevitable career consequence. Netflix, who partnered last year with the formerly beloved potion-popping comedian for a subsequently-shelved stand-up special, has finally taken the next step in nixing the tainted program altogether.

Watch John Cena Legit Get His Nose Broken On Monday Night Raw

On last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw, John Cena, the most marketed personality of the performance sport’s premiere stage proved that the damage done in the ring can be very real. Despite his nose being brutally smashed and left looking like a pug, the show must go on!

What Michael Douglas Really Wants In Ant-Man 2

Ant-Man proved that mixing humor and action can yield a successful Marvel movie. In fact, much of the film’s often insane, idiosyncratic fun left co-star Michael Douglas feeling a bit left out, and for Ant-Man 2, he’d like to see his character fly his freak flag a bit.

Relativity Media May File For Bankruptcy, Leaving Many Upcoming Movies In Limbo

It appears that Relativity Media has hit some critical roadblocks, and the 11 year-old company faces bankruptcy. As a result, it appears that a number of their projects could be in serious jeopardy.

Yep, These Are The Worst Special Effects Ever Put To Screen

There’s nothing like a bad effect to either spoil the mood in a gripping drama or exacerbate the embarrassing movie. However, a collection of some of the most ludicrous special effects efforts in modern film history provides plenty of cinematic lessons.

Amy Winehouse Documentary Overperforming At The Box Office

The surprising box office success of the Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy, quickly became apparent upon its debut earlier this month, and the film's distribution continues to expand.

Arrow Season 4 Will Feature A Star Trek Vet

It looks like Starling City’s elusive vigilante on Arrow is about to come face-to-face with a Borg… well, a former Borg, anyway. It is being reported that a Star Trek: Voyager actor has moved on to the superhero TV realm.

Mission: Impossible 5: Watch A Character Actually Make A Good High Heel Decision

In the latest Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation clip, moviegoers who inexplicably yell unsolicited advice at filmed footage of fictional characters might be staying silent when it comes to one movie trope: running in high heels.

Amy Poehler's New Movie Sounds Like A More Serious Eddie

The premise for Amy Poehloer's latest project might just sound familiar to what must be dozens of enthusiasts of a certain 1996 movie in which Whoopi Goldberg plays an NBA basketball coach.

Syfy's New Show About A Cowgirl Who Takes Down Demons Sounds Crazy

It appears that Syfy is upping the ante of insanity with its latest series acquisition. The network will look to adapt a supernatural comic book series called Wynonna Earp, focusing on a demon-fighting femme fatale with a famous last name. Plus, casting has also been announced.

Freeheld Trailer: Watch Julianne Moore And Ellen Page Fight For Gay Rights

The upcoming biographical drama, Freeheld released its first trailer. The film, starring Julianne Moore and Ellen Page as a same-sex couple embroiled in a legal battle over the allocation of the former’s pension benefits, is especially timely with its topical focus on gay marriage.

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