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EA's Open-World Star Wars Game Reportedly Canceled

Based on a series of reports from folks close to the matter, it looks like Electronic Arts' open-world Star Wars game has been cancelled.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Review

Travis Strikes Again might not be the direct sequel No More Heroes fans have waited nearly a decade for, but it's just as over-the-top and utterly insane as we've come to expect from gaming's punk rock auteur, Suda51.

Watch A Fortnite Streamer Lose His Mind After Getting A $75,000 Donation

In the midst of one of his regular streams, popular Fortnite player Exotic Chaotic received a donation that seemed too good to be true. It was for $75,000, and it was apparently 100 percent legitimate.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Being Sued By The Pinkertons

It looks like the use of Pinkerton agents in Red Dead Redemption II might have landed Rockstar Games and Take-Two in some hot water with the actual Pinkerton agency.

Beating Resident Evil 2's One-Shot Demo Totally Doesn't Require 30 Minutes

It turns out that the Resident Evil 2 "1-Shot" demo isn't as limited as we initially thought. Folks have already figured out how to bypass the trial's 30-minute time limit while others are simply beating it really, really quickly.

Why League Of Legends Is Planning Several Jungle Changes

Riot Games is kicking off 2019 with some much-needed changes to how jungling works in League of Legends, with the end goal being to bring all player classes back onto a level playing field.

Parent Shocked To Find Phallic Images In Kids' Video Game Console

A cautionary tale concerning knockoff video game consoles has surfaced in Tennessee, where one woman is reporting she found phallic images in one of the games intended for children.

Fortnite's Creator Just Earned An F From The Better Business Bureau

When you play Fortnite as a duo or squad, communication is key. According to the Better Business Bureau, that's a lesson parent company Epic Games might need to re-learn.

Bungie Opens Destiny 2 DLC After Players Fail To Unlock It

Rather than be a raid trial or even a massive boss encounter, it turns out the most difficult challenge the Destiny community has ever had to face was an in-game puzzle.

Dead Or Alive 6 Has Been Delayed, But Just A Bit

The bad news: Dead or Alive 6 has been delayed. The good news: It's only being delayed by a couple of weeks, so try not to let it get to you too badly.

The Resident Evil 2 Remake Is Getting A Demo Today

The Resident Evil 2 demo has gone live on all platforms, giving players a shot at exploring Raccoon City before the game launches in a couple of weeks. And by "a shot," we mean "one."

Red Dead Redemption 2 Officially Adds Battle Royale Mode

The Wild West of Red Dead Online is about to get a bit more competitive as Rockstar Games announces the arrival of Gun Rush, a new mode that pits 32 players against each other in a round of battle royale.

Stan Lee Tribute Added To World Of Warcraft

The latest World of Warcraft patch has arrived on the Public Test Realm and, with it, players have noticed a familiar face popping up: Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee.

The Division 2 Won't Be On Steam

The Division 2 is set to launch on March 15 for home consoles and PC. In a surprise turn of events, though, the game will be ditching the Steam storefront in favor of an exclusive home on Epic Games.

Fortnite's Latest Update Adds A New Sniper Rifle

The latest update has dropped into Fortnite and, along with the usual collection of tweaks and bug fixes, Epic Games has added a new sniper rifle that is sure to make sneaky, no-good coward campers very, very happy.

Spider-Man For PS4 Is Getting Some 'Fantastic' New Content

While Marvel's Spider-Man's trio of DLC chapters may have wrapped up last month, it looks like Insomniac Games is still working on the title and even promising something "fantastic" is heading our way.

Spider-Man, God Of War Among Nominees For Game Writing Award

The list of nominees for the 2019 Writers Guild Awards for screenplay and video game writing have been announced, with the latter category including the likes of God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3 Has A Release Date And A New Trailer

Clementine's story of survival within the world of The Walking Dead will continue this month as Skybound Games releases the trailer for "Broken Toys," the third chapter in the series' final season.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters From God Of War's Art Director Look Amazing

When he's not too busy drawing Kratos and "Boy," it looks like God of War Art Director Raf Grassetti has enjoys creating new looks for the cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Alien: Blackout Brings The Xenomorph To Mobile

After a bit of playful teasing last week, FoxNext Games, D3 Go! And Rival Games have officially announced Alien: Blackout, an upcoming mobile game set in the popular sci-fi universe.

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