The Awesome Game Of Thrones 'Reunion' Pedro Pascal Had While Filming The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent

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This might be hard for all of the hardcore Game of Thrones fans to believe, but it’s been eight years since Pedro Pascal delighted viewers everywhere with his smooth, assured, and lusty portrayal of Prince Oberyn Martell on Season 4 of the HBO hit. In the years since, Pascal has certainly not seen any grass grow under his feet, as he’s now also very well known (and loved) for playing the titular lead in The Madalorian for Disney+, and is working on the highly anticipated, The Last of Us TV show. But, he recently spoke about an amazing GOT “reunion” he had as part of The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent cast, while filming the movie with Nicolas Cage.

What Game Of Thrones Reunion Did Pedro Pascal Have While Filming His New Movie?

Pedro Pascal stepped into the sexy robes of renowned fighter Oberyn Martell (a.k.a. The Viper) at the height of Game of Thrones’ popularity. There were already a number of characters on the canvas that fans loved (and loved to hate), and he still managed to make a strong enough impression in his one season on the fantasy drama that nearly everyone who watched as The Mountain crushed his face into mush gasped in horror at the greatness of the loss. And, while Pascal worked with a number of other amazing actors on GOT, his work on The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (which he described in three perfect words) offered an unexpected connection to the show that made him famous. As he told GQ:

Well, what’s insane is that we started shooting [The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent] in the same location, and I hadn’t been back. We shot in Dubrovnik, which is where we shot this big fight scene between The Viper and The Mountain. I was walking distance from that actual arena — it was a sort of stage arena that belonged to a hotel, which had been bombed out during the war, that they had dressed for Game of Thrones.

Ahhh, yes. Pascal found himself very near the actual location where they filmed the big, final fight with The Mountain and The Viper, which would see his character’s self-assuredness get the better of him as he overestimated what appeared to be a surefire win, and which led to possibly the most memorable non-finale death in all of Game of Thrones. The Viper is dead; long live The Viper. The Mountain is also dead; long live the un-dead Mountain…

Pascal continued, and opened up about what this “reunion” meant to him, saying:

It was an incredible reunion for me, personally, because that was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, and one of the most beautiful places I’d ever been, on a show I loved, with an exciting ensemble of actors. It was just a dream. So it was an even deeper dream to return. And I walked over there by myself, and just kind of sat there, took it in, and decided it was like — this is where it all began. [Laughs.]

It seems pretty clear that Pascal had some deep feelings about being able to finally return to the scene of his epic Game of Thrones fight. While he’d been working pretty steadily in TV since the late 1990s by that point, his role as Prince Oberyn really kicked things up a significant notch for him, so it makes a lot of sense that he would see that location as special and “where it all began” for him.

You can watch some of the best Pedro Pascal movies and TV shows right now, with The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent currently in theaters, revisit his time on Game of Thrones on HBO Max, or head to Disney+ for a binge of his work as Din Djarin while we wait for more info on The Mandalorian Season 3.  

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