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2K Games confirmed that strategy game Civilization V will receive a flood of new content soon. The Gods and Kings expansion pack is slated for release in late Spring and will bring a number of additions and improvements.

Gods and Kings introduces 27 units, 13 buildings, nine wonders, and nine civilizations. The Netherlands, Celts and Mayans are a few examples of the new cvilizations. Three historic scenarios are included and will let players experience the fall of Rome, the medieval era, and a Victorian sci-fi period.

The expansion also adds religion, a much-requested feature. Players will found their own religion and attempt to spread it across the world. Religious city-states will be introduced to the game to accomodate this new feature.

The dev team focused on improving the core systems of the game as well. Battles should play out quite differently thanks to reworked A.I. and new melee naval units. More subtle players will be happy to find new espionage methods. The quest system has been expanded as well so that the process of winning over city-states will be a bit more interesting.

The first art and screenshots for Gods and Kings are below.