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It may be hard to believe, but Maple Story is celebrating its eighth birthday. That means if you had a kid at the same time Maple Story launched, said kid would be heading into the fourth grade. Now that I’ve made you feel old, I’ll lighten the blow with the announcement that, to celebrate, the developers are hosting in-game events and offering free goodies.

Nexon announced today that Maple Story, its side-scrolling MMORPG infused with tongue-in-cheek humor and anime inspirations, is nearly a full dang decade old. In the game, players take on quests, interact with NPCs, party up with friends and loot the carcasses of monsters just like in any other MMO. The main difference is the fact that the game is presented in 2D and features adorable chibi avatars.

According to the publishers, 21 percent of the game’s active players have actually been around for at least half of Maple Story’s full run, spending a minimum of four years traveling to distinctive lands, facing monsters and socializing with their in-game buds.

“We have a dedicated and engaged group of players, and we appreciate the loyalty and passion they have for Maple Story,” said Producer Teddy Kim. “We are committed to continuing to deliver the best content to our players to keep the adventures rolling.”

To celebrate the big B-day, Maple Story will host several events to give players the chance to earn special anniversary items, which will be dropped in-game by defeated monsters. Players that have reached at least level 10 will be able to collect eighth anniversary coins every day while all players can count on “hot-days” and EXP bonus events throughout the next month.

If you’re looking to jump into Maple Story for the NEXT eight years, then visit the game’s and get to questing.

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