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The Jellybean running Android-based, $99 console has officially launched at retailers across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom at GameStop, Best Buy, GAME and Target. With more than 17,000 registered developers, 170 launch games and 1080p support, OUYA could be a disruptive piece of technology in the home console space.

Focusing on small games with explosive fun, OUYA's primary goal was to bring back home console gaming to the core mechanics of picking up a controller, loading up a game and simply having fun. The idea is that every game in the library is free-to-try, every game is small enough not to zap bandwidth and there are plenty of options to run emulation, hack the console or load up some homebrew with a bit of tweaking.

Despite some of the criticisms, I actually like the OUYA and I love the concept. I could easily see this being a console used to play older games from previous generations, as well as arcade titles from the M.A.M.E., and other arcade cabinets.

Julie Uhrman, CEO and co-founder, OUYA commented in the press release about the launch of the new device, saying...
“It’s incredible to think that a little under a year ago OUYA was just an idea -- we wanted to do something completely new in console gaming: build a $99 game console, with no discs to buy, open to all developers, and affordable to all gamers,”... “Today, OUYA is real. Console gaming has never needed something new more than it does now.”

The OUYA game console was originally Kickstarted last year (my how time flies) and racked up more than $8 million in crowd-sourced funding. The low-cost home console would be the solution for hackers, purists and low-income gamers who just wanted something basic and fun to play.

Kickstarter backers received their consoles back at the end of March and have been able to enjoy the tech and games made available. Some of the titles – just in case anyone was wondering about the actual games – includes classics like Final Fantasy III, Saturday Morning RPG, Chronoblade and Sonic, to name a few. As I said, it's definitely a game for old-school purists.

With additional functionality from services like OnLive,, XBMC and Flex, owners of OUYA can double-down the gaming console as a media streaming device or entertainment hub as well. Yeah, The One isn't the only console that lets you watch TV on your TV.

The OUYA is available right now for only $99.99 from the above mentioned retailers. Alternatively, you can order a system directly from the website. Additional controllers for some local couch co-op will run you a rather steep $49.99, but all the games are free-to-try before you buy and many will carry price tags similar to Android titles.

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