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The most popular chatter on the internet right now is just how horrible the launch of Mighty No. 9 has really been---and it's been pretty terrible. Not only did Mighty No. 9 run into issues with sending out broken codes to its backers, but now they are facing three last-minute platform delays and perhaps the loss of their promised DLC. And on top of all of that (it's not over yet), gamers on the Wii U are experiencing severe issues such as the game freezing their console, long load times, lag and crashing. So of course, the internet has taken to Twitter to announce just how they feel about Mighty No. 9, including Sega's very own Sonic The Hedgehog.

Sonic The Hedgehog came out and threw shade at Mighty No. 9 about their rocky launch, making fun of one of the comments spoken by the Mighty No. 9 team during a livestream yesterday, which said of the launch, "It's better than nothing." Sonic got a lot of heat in return because the last known Sonic game, Sonic Boom, wasn't exactly the most successful game either.

Rocman X is the Japanese version of the famed Mega Man X series and was released back in 1995, so of course it's a dated game with its own set of issues. But even some fans are saying the dated Rocman X is still better than today's_Mighty No. 9_.

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Kaz Hirai used to be the president of PlayStation and is currently the CEO of Sony, and he had quite a bit to say about the Mighty No. 9 launch. And alongside of commenting on the developer's lame comment about "It's better than nothing," he also made a Tweet targeting Sonic Boom: Rise Of The Lyric.

Some people on Twitter were in disbelief that someone could say something like that about years of hard work put into a game.

Other users poked fun at the disgrace of Mighty No. 9, though it's unclear if the game really is that bad of a game or if people are just upset about the entire situation with Mighty No. 9.

Many users have been experiencing issues on the Wii U pertaining to the game like long loading times and crashes.

Could you imagine the anger of seeing your game crash after beating the first boss?

Mighty No. 9 certainly seems to have quite a few issues happening with its launch and people are not happy about it. I already told myself after how badly they offended gamers in their trailer, I vowed that I wasn't going to play Mighty No. 9, and now I'm thinking I'm glad I made that decision. I've never had a game be so messed up on the Wii U that it hardlocked it or caused something to crash. It honestly just seems like Mighty No. 9 can't catch a break, or they don't care anymore. Somewhere along the way during development, it's as if they just said, "Screw this, I give up." And the comment, "It's better than nothing" certainly gives off that vibe. I couldn't imagine spending so much time on a game that I loved, only to be at the home stretch and release it with a zillion issues and say, "It's better than nothing." It's a horrible attitude to have about something you hope that your fans enjoy. Hopefully we can move on and try to focus on something else that isn't so draining, meanwhile I hope Deep Silver and Comcept can get their stuff together and fix the issues for their fans.

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