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Naughty Dog is continuing to show a lot of love and support for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. The game came out earlier this year for the PlayStation 4, and with the new patch it's being retrofitted with new features for the PS4 Pro.

According to Gamespot, Uncharted 4 will support the PS4 Pro along with having HDR support for high-dynamic range and updated to include higher fidelity stereo audio. I'm sure a lot of PC gamers are scoffing at the news given that they're used to Dolby Digital 3D surround sound; HDR is like cat food in the world of gaming and 4K is becoming a nominal benchmark.

Aside from the under-the-hood upgrades for Uncharted 4, there will be a new Classic Mode that will be beta tested soon that features what they're calling a "back-to-basics" team deathmatch mode. The mode will focus on limited item usage, and Naughty Dog will be experimenting with the mode through the second beta test weekend starting next week on November 11th for PS4 owners.

The changes in the patch for Uncharted 4 also address a number of things, like the ranked modes. For instance, you can no longer see who the players are in the lobby until the match starts. This means you can't duck out because you're trying to avoid going up against a certain player.

If you have a dodgy net connection, people can vote to kick you out of a ranked match. Qualifier matches are now only required when moving between the full ranks, from Bronze to Silver, and from Silver to Gold.

It was also announced that season 3 has started for ranked play, and there will be some new goodies to acquire, including gold, platinum, diamond and master aviator sunglasses.

If you can't earn stuff the legit way, they did make it possible to acquire new goods for your character in Uncharted 4's multiplayer by discounting the bundle packs in the cash shop by up to 70% off.

Development has also fixed a number of bugs, including getting stuck in cover mode on objects outside of the player area, fixing some collision issues on the Rooftops map, fixing a melee issue with the Shield of Asgard Mystical, and fixed a bug where sometimes team deathmatches could take place with uneven teams.

Some of the other fixes included stabilizing the game further by correcting a black screen crash, a crash during ranked team deathmatch, and a crash that would occur while hanging off of a ledge while over water.

A lot of these updates will surely bring some gamers back into the fold if they've previously left to dip their toes in the water of other games, especially with support for the PS4 Pro. Sony seems to be banking a lot on this beefier new PlayStation system, and they have a number of recognized and high profile games attempting to make use of the new system's features, such as Uncharted 4. You can get in on the first phase beta test of the Classic Mode this weekend, or if you're busy you can check it out next weekend starting November 11th.

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