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How One Popular Game Memorialized Carrie Fisher

Elite Dangerous

(Image credit: Frontier Developments)

Various games and game communities have been paying tribute to the late actress, producer and writer, Carrie Fisher. She became an iconic figure in the entertainment industry thanks to her legendary role in the Star Wars films, but one other sci-fi property is memorializing her in a different way.

According to Gamespot, Frontier Developments has acknowledged an outpouring of requests from their fans who wanted Elite Dangerous, the sci-fi space sim, to have some sort of in-game memorial for Carrie Fisher.

Frontier felt as if the news was definitely sad and they listened to the feedback from their community and heard all the cries for something significant in which to remember Carrie Fisher by. The executive producer on Elite Dangerous, Michael Brookes, took to the forums to let the community know that they would be doing something in honor of Fisher, saying that for update 2.3 they'll add in a "Fisher's Rest" outpost into the game.

They didn't say where the outpost would be exactly, but I imagine gamers will take the opportunity to fly around in the great space to find it and check it out.

The game is currently on version 2.2.02,which launched back at the end of October. They included new features into the update, such as new graphics for some of the assets such as neutron stars, white dwarfs and the effects when traveling through hyperspace. A lot of the other changes in the update are relegated to the Horizons expansion that launched for Elite Dangerous back in the middle of December in 2015. The Horizons expansion featured all new ways to travel on planets, explore the galaxy and take on various quests.

Since the expansion, Frontier Developments have been slowly rolling out updates just about every month for Elite Dangerous. The smaller updates usually include some minor changes here and there, but if it sounds like they're going to add an all new outpost to the game, then don't expect it to arrive anytime soon.

For instance, the major leap from version 2.1 to 2.2 happened over the course of the spring and the summer, going from May up to October. In between there were a lot of other smaller updates released between the summer. So if the changelog is anything to go by, version 2.3, featuring the new Fisher's Rest outpost, won't see the light of day until maybe the end of winter or the start of spring. Then again, a lot of it depends on how much they're getting done in between each of the releases and what their roadmap looks like for new updates.

Nevertheless, Frontier Developments seems to be the first major game studio to take action on the requests from the community to commemorate Carrie Fisher's legacy with an in-game memorial that will be permanent. Players of various other games have gotten together to also pay tribute to Fisher, including holding hours-long memorials within BioWare and EA's Star Wars: The Old Republic. It generally consisted of a bunch of players meeting up in-game and paying respects at the Organa Castle located within the Republic.

In the case of Elite Dangerous, there will actually be a place you can visit to remind you of Carrie Fisher's legacy, and fans are very thankful toward the developers for making it happen.

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