Somebody Already Has A Nintendo Switch, But There's A Problem

Nintendo Switch Early Release
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The Nintendo Switch isn't due out until March 3rd, but some lucky gamer managed to get their hands on one a few weeks earlier than the rest of us. Except... there's one huge problem that he encountered after taking it out of the package and getting it all setup: he has no games.

US Gamer is reporting that a NeoGaf user managed to get "lucky" and get his hands on a Nintendo Switch earlier than everyone else when an unnamed retailer mistakenly shipped out his pre-ordered unit several weeks ahead of its initial release.

There's no further explanation about how he managed to get the Nintendo Switch so early. He did post up screenshots and video footage of the Switch to give people an idea of what it's like and how it works. He also managed to scroll through the menus, giving everyone a look at how the menu navigation is setup for Nintendo's newest hybrid gaming device.

Much like the Wii U and Wii before it, the Nintendo Switch utilizes a mix of both motion controls and touchscreen capabilities. Users are able to easily and quickly navigate either by moving the analogs on the Joy-Con controllers, or by simply touching the appropriate tabs on the Nintendo Switch's menu screens.

It's possible to alter the menu theme, changing it from white to black or vice versa. Nintendo hinted at possibly adding more colors at a latter date.

Of course, messing around with menu options and background themes are all fine and dandy save for the fact that you can't connect to the Nintendo Network yet and there are no games available!

This is one of the big things that actually had a lot of people talking about the Nintendo Switch because it doesn't come with a single game installed, neither digital nor physical. Nintendo avoided packing in a game to keep the costs down. The Nintendo Switch by itself comes in at $299.99, so with an extra title that would bump it up to $359.99, which is where they tried pricing the Wii U and it bombed pretty bad.

So essentially the Nintendo Switch for all intents and purposes related to gaming, is useless right now. The games won't be made available digitally or physically until March 3rd, so right now anyone who owns one can just fiddle around by making a Mii, customizing their profile and tinkering about in the menu screens.

Does this mean the Gaffer is going to hang on to his Nintendo Switch and buy a game on launch day? Maybe not.

According to the US Gamer article he's a homeowner trying to sell his home and he's had to make some very expensive repairs to the house before selling. You probably all know where this is going... but yeah, he's planning on selling the Switch in order to cover the cost of repairs. He could very easily get a couple thousand for the Switch on eBay if he decided to sell it before the official March 3rd release. The only problem is that he may not be able to get another Switch anytime soon after, possibly due to demand.

Of course, while this particular user claims that he didn't do anything inappropriate in order to obtain his Nintendo Switch early, these are not the only early images of the Switch that have ended up online. According to Nintendo themselves, there have been several consoles that have apparently been stolen from a US distributor. Click over to page two to get more details.

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