Titanfall 2 Update

Despite getting off to a really rough start in the holiday of 2016 last year, Respawn Entertainment has put in a lot of time and effort into turning Titanfall 2 into a truly worthwhile multiplayer experience. In fact, they just recently revealed what's next for the game.

Over on the official EA website, they announced that between April and June, they'll release two more general multiplayer maps for Titanfall 2. They also have two Live Fire Maps in store as well, along with a new Titan for players to mess around with.

Outside of the free content, they also have plans on introducing two more playable Prime Titans for those willing to put some real money into the coffers of Respawn Entertainment. The new Prime Titans will include Ronin and Tone.

They will also be updating Titanfall 2 with a gen cap increase up to 100, along with additional private match settings for Live Fire and Coliseum modes. And speaking of game modes, they're adding in a new game mode and faction. The mode is called Marked for Death, and this will be accompanied with the new pilot executions.

They mentioned in previous updates that they would be adding new camos and skins for the characters, Titans and weapons, and these will be rolled out between April and June.

Respawn is utilizing a cash shop method introduced by Ubisoft, where instead of doing typical season pass content for games like Rainbow Six: Siege, they're abandoning the method of charging for maps and weapons, and instead, charging for things like skins, and character liveries.

Electronic Arts is also adopting this method for some of their other games as well, including the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront II. This seems to be their way of adapting to the changing times.

A lot of gamers have complained about microtransactions and DLC, and so some studios have been altering the way they've been catering their content to gamers. Activision typically locks out a large portion of their player-base using content restrictive DLC packs for the Call of Duty games. If you have an extremely large fan base, and a very active player engagement with a long tail end, then fragmenting your audience isn't a death knell for the game. Activision has been using this method for nearly a decade now, and it's worked well enough for them to keep recycling that method so long as they make bank on it.

Other studios haven't been so lucky, and as a way to alter the method in order to make bank and avoid fragmenting the player base, companies like Ubisoft devised a plan to make things like maps and modes free in games like Rainbow Six: Siege, while having players pay for other features through DLC. This method ended up working wonders for Ubisoft, and Siege ended up becoming a huge hit in the process.

Respawn adopted a similar style of rolling out content for Titanfall 2, especially after the game was cannibalized by Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare when it released last fall. They're likely hoping the free content updates, and the steady stream of new features will keep players coming back for more, and based on their roadmap for content set to arrive between April and June, they definitely have more in store for gamers.

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