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We're still a couple of months out from the launch of Star Wars Battlefront II, but a new trailer from EA offers plenty of reasons for players to mark their calendars for Nov. 17. John Boyega, better known as Finn from the new trilogy, is here to walk you through the finer points including going over every mode the new game will have. As it turns out, there's quite a lot.

The new trailer is called "This is Star Wars Battlefront 2," and it does a good job of living up to the name. Clocking in at nearly five minutes, this latest trailer takes viewers on a whirlwind tour of the game, its modes and even some fresh announcements. The message here seems to be that while the original Battlefront was pretty solid, this latest iteration is upping the ante in pretty much every way imaginable. It also doesn't hurt having Finn serve as a tour guide through all of these reveals.

The original game was basically limited to a handful of online modes, with additional heroes, maps and even a couple of new modes getting bolted onto the core game following launch. Battlefront 2 looks to offer the full FPS package, as the new trailer goes over the regular competitive modes, the new single-player campaign mode, the just-announced split screen arcade mode and more. You'll also get a look at the class system for multiplayer, unlocks, how to summon reinforcements into the game, customization options, space battles and more.

We've seen bits and pieces of most of this over the past several months, but not with this amount of detail included. We're finally starting to get the full picture of what Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be about and, yep, the game feels far more fleshed out this time around. Rather than feeling like a slimmed down, multiplayer-only, slightly underwhelming use of the license, Battlefront 2 feels like what players were actually hoping for the first time around.

After you've taken all of that in, you'll be prepared for the upcoming multiplayer beta. As we reported earlier, folks who pre-order the game will get into the action a couple of days early but, even if you don't lay down your money early, everyone will have a crack at Battlefront 2's early testing phase. The regular beta runs from Oct. 6-9, with those who pre-order the game being allowed to jump in starting Oct. 4.

We're looking forward to seeing how things shape up after more folks get to dive into the testing phase next week. Having all of the expected modes and a handful of surprises won't mean much if folks don't enjoy the way the game plays. But since the original Battlefield had a decent skeleton, we have a hard time believing that this sequel will totally drop the ball.

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