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Teltlale's Batman: The Enemy Within is prepping for the release of the second episode. After a slight delay the next episode is now scheduled to release on October 3rd. To prep for the release a new trailer was rolled out featuring another classic Batman villain: Bane.

That's right, the man who broke Batman's back is briefly teased at the end of the new trailer for Batman: The Enemy Within.

It starts by quickly going over how the Riddler was just a small part of something bigger. In the original episode, the Riddler was captured after killing Lucius and attempting to kill multiple agents working under Amanda Waller. Batman managed to save some of the agents but discovered that there was a much larger network of criminals at large, something he was tipped off to by "John Doe," better known as The Joker.

The Joker continually tries to get Bruce to meet up with his "friends," whom many suspect is Harley Quinn. In the trailer it's revealed that she's already a criminal before hooking up with The Joker, and appears to be the leader of her own group.

We also see that Lucius' daughter appears to want to get revenge in some way, but ends up getting caught up in the troubles involving Bruce, The Joker and Harley. The trailer also reveals that Bruce goes undercover in order to get closer to the masterminds that originally put the Riddler back into action in the first episode of Batman: The Enemy Within.

Even though the trailer appears to make it seem as if Harley is the one pulling the strings, and we see her causing some kind of mayhem throughout Gotham, along with threatening Lucius' daughter, the trailer eventually reveals that there's yet another sinister force at work: Bane.

We get to see a cop flying through the air as Batman rolls out of the way. We then hear Bane's voice, sounding foreign and intimidating. His accent sounds closer to the likes of someone either from Eastern Europe or possibly South America. It's tough to get a pinpoint on his origins based on the clip used in the trailer.

What's interesting, however, is his design. Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within appears to borrow more from the mercenary look that Nolan went with in The Dark Knight Rises as opposed to the super muscled-up look in Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham games. Telltale also seemed to avoid the standard wrestler garb that he wore in Batman: The Animated Series.

Based on the little that we see, Bane is in military fatigues with boots, a utility belt and some sort of upper-body armor. Even though we don't get a full look at the character, it's obvious that the more military-themed look seems to be the more popular look for Bane these days. It's also something that NetherRealm Studios went with for the character in Injustice 2.

You can look for Batman: The Enemy Within -- Episode 2: The Pact starting October 3rd. Details on second season are also available over on the Telltale website.