Here's What Comes In WWE 2K18's Season Pass

WWE 2K18
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2K Games, Yukes and Visual Concepts' WWE 2K18 is nearing its release this upcoming October, but before it lands on store shelves and digital storefronts, 2K announced exactly what you would get if you decide to take a dive and pick up a season pass.

Over on the official WWE website there's an announcement about the various versions of WWE 2K18, along with details on the season pass. The season pass will contain The Hardy Boyz, along with an accelerated blast through the MyPlayer modes, and access to new moves, and wrestlers. The post notes that each of the individual pieces of DLC will be sold separately but they can also be picked up all together as part of the season pass package for $29.99.

The Accelerator DLC, for instance, will be included in the season pass but can be purchased separately for $4.99. Players will be able to unlock all the content in the game without having to play through WWE 2K18 to discover or unlock any of the parts, characters, moves, or other unlockables. The Accelerator also instantly boosts your characters' attributes so you don't have to worry about playing the game to level up your custom characters.

The Enduring Icons Pack will also be included in the season pass, which contains Matt and Jeff Hardy, the legendary tag-team The Rock 'n' Roll Express, along with former women's champion and hall of famer, Beth Phoenix. If you decide to pick up a copy of this DLC pack outside of the season pass, it will run you $9.99.

The MyPlayer Kick Start DLC is included in the pass as well, which automatically unlocks boosts for the MyPlayer ratings and attributes, so you don't have to complete the career modes to level up. All clothing items will also be automatically unlocked at launch as well. You can purchase the equivalent of a cheat code for $9.99 outside of the season pass.

There's also the New Moves Pack, which includes a selection of new maneuvers such as the Crash Landing, Tye-Breaker, and Pumphandle Death Valley Driver. Surprisingly the New Moves Pack is fairly cheap, available outside of the season pass for just $3.99.

And, finally, there's the NXT Generation DLC Pack. This pack is likely going to be the most purchased piece of DLC for WWE 2K18 by a long shot. Why? Because it features some of the biggest and most electrifying wrestlers on the WWE roster at the moment from the NXT division, including the mercurial Aleister Black, high-octane Ruby Riot, current NXT champion Drew McIntyre, "The Drifter" Elias, and the breakout behemoth Lars Sullivan. The NXT Generation DLC Pack will run you a breezy $9.99 if you plan on getting your hands on it outside of the season pass.

The revamped WWE 2K18 is set to release during the middle of October for the PS4, Xbox One, and for the very first time ever for the Nintendo Switch. The game will also be made available on PC as well, which is a different approach than 2K's previous efforts of delaying the PC release by nearly six months.

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