What You Can Play For Free This Weekend On Steam

Disc Jam

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Steam is currently hosting a free weekend featuring some games you might want to check out if you have a few bandwidth to spare and an interest in some strategy and action-sports games. The free weekend is going on right now along with some discounts on the games that you can take advantage of.

Gamespot is reporting that you can currently download and play City: Skylines and Disc Jam for free over the weekend if you have a few spare gigabytes and a broadband connection to download and play the games... for free. Oh yeah, and you'll obviously need a Steam account, but that's free.

You probably heard of Colossal Orders' City: Skylines, but Disc Jam is another story. It's a game that originally came out in spring 2017. Developer High Horse Entertainment rolled the game out for the general public as a spiritual 3D successor to Data East's Windjammers, a classic action-volleyball game of sorts that combined elements of Tron's disc throwing game with net-based scoring and special maneuvers.

Disc Jam continues that tradition but also introduces some new gameplay elements, allowing anyone between two and four players to duke it out in sports arenas where the object is to out-score your opponents in intense, fast-paced matches. The game is described as air hockey meets tennis, which seems about right.

You can utilize abilities to block and counter-throw the disc, just like the Neo Geo classic Windjammers, as well as throw powered-up volleys to out-play your opponents.

The game supports both local split-screen play and online competitive play. The game regularly costs $14.99, but during the free weekend if you decide it's a game you'd like to add to your library you can pick up a copy to own for 40% off the normal price (for only $8.99) over on the Steam store.

The second game, as briefly talked about at the top of the article is Colossal Orders' Cities: Skylines. This game ended up becoming a massive seller on Steam because it came out shortly after the colossal failure that was the 2013 outing of Maxis and EA's SimCity, which was mired in always-on DRM and had a number of other issues.

City: Skylines ended up selling massive numbers of units in a very short amount of time because fans who wanted a proper SimCity ended up going with Colossal Order's game since it didn't have always-on DRM and you didn't have to be online to play the game.

If you've been in the mood to play a city management game, you can play-test it over the weekend for free. If you like what the game has to offer, you can pick it up to own it for a discounted price of 75% off the normal price for only $7.49. The deluxe edition is available for 75% off as well for $9.99, while the entire collection bundle is marked down by 54% off for only $55.90, which includes all of the game's major expansion packs and DLC. You can grab the game right now from over on the Steam store during the free weekend and discount.

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