Super Mario Odyssey's First DLC Is Now Available

Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch receives a major update this week including new duds for the titular hero, new features and, most importantly, the actual acknowledgment that Luigi even exists.

Nintendo took to Twitter this morning to announce that a free update for Super Mario Odyssey has gone live. On top of a new in-game activity featuring Luigi, fans can expect a trio of new outfits to wear in the game, as well as a pair of new filters for the in-game camera.

Likely the most exciting piece of this DLC pie is the addition of Luigi's Balloon World, which will become available after finishing Super Mario Odyssey's main story. Adding yet another reason to dive back into the many worlds of Odyssey, this mode is more of a mini-game that will be sprinkled across the furthest reaches of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Within the game world, Luigi will come floating onto the scene tethered to a bunch of balloons. In short, he wants you to go hide or find more balloons anywhere within the world you're currently occupying. This is basically a time trial mode. When you chat up Luigi, he'll give you the option of trying out "Hide it" mode or "Find it" mode. In "Hide it" mode, you'll get to pick where the balloon is hidden somewhere on the map. In "Find it" mode, you'll be tracking down balloons hidden by other players. Scores are recorded and, if memory serves, you can compare them with Switch friends. We figure some of these races will be short and sweet while others will push your mastery of Odyssey's controls to the limit.

Super Mario Odyssey is already packed with content, but we're always open to new activities keeping us busy while searching for hidden moons or extra activities. And the fact that you have to wait until after the credits roll to unlock Balloon World events isn't a big deal since a large amount of the game's content isn't even available until after you finish the story.

Also up for grabs in this update are three new outfits for Mario to wear. This includes a slick zoot suit, a suit of armor and an outfit I can only describe as "1990s boardwalk hip."

For fans of the camera in Mario Odyssey, two new filters will help make your images into a work of art. The first is a coin filter, where you can literally make the focus of your picture look like the face of a coin. The other filter is quite a bit more interesting, turning your shots into neon wireframes that actually look pretty cool.

Again, this is free DLC for Odyssey, so it should start downloading automatically the next time you boot up your console. Assuming you've finished the game, you should be able to track down Luigi in any of the game worlds to start hiding and hunting balloons.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.