Detroit: Become Human Is Coming In May

Detroit: Become Human
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Quantic Dream's upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Detroit: Become Human, is gearing up for release this May. The official release date was made available via a recent announcement by the writer and director on the game, David Cage.

The post was made available over on the PlayStation Blog, where Cage revealed that Detroit: Become Human would launch on May 25th for the PlayStation 4. If you don't have a PS4 you might want to pick one up if you want to get your hands on the next entry in the choose-your-own-adventure style gameplay model that Quantic Dream is known for.

The game puts you in the role of three playable characters. The first is Connor, a law enforcement aid who works with the police to resolve matters involving rogue androids. Connor is actually an android as well, and this puts him in a unique position that allows him to take certain risks that most humans wouldn't take while also allowing him to assess and navigate certain situations that humans could not.

We've seen demos of Connor's gameplay featuring a hostage crisis situation involving a rogue android who attempts to kill a little girl. The potentially violent outcome of the hostage situation or the possibility of resolving it peacefully will shape and mold Connor's future through the playthrough of Detroit: Become Human, just the same as the decisions you make in the lives of Kara and Markus will affect what outcomes or tragedies befall them.

Kara is an android caretaker trapped in an abusive situation with a grieving father. While looking after a young girl, Kara will have to navigate the sometimes volatile and hostile behavior of the girl's father. Players will have a multitude of choices that will shape the lives of Kara and the little girl, which may or may not result in both being emancipated from a household of violence, or succumbing to its dangers.

The third playable character is Markus, an android who gains self-awareness and begins a revolution in android units who also begin to establish self-awareness. Players will have the choice of using Markus to lead an android revolution against the humans. Those choices will be determined by the player and will also include the option to turn violent and deadly. One hook for the game is that even if any of the main characters die there is no game over screen, the story just keeps playing out, which is an interesting way for the story to develop.

Quantic Dream has taken all its experience over the years from working on games like Heavy Rain, Indigo Prophecy and the Ellen Page-led action-drama, Beyond: Two Souls, and honed in on an optimized experience with the latest in motion-capture and rendering capabilities to squeeze every cycle out of the PS4 when Detroit: Become Human launches this May.

It's been a long time in the making, and first made an appearance on the scene as a PS3 tech demo called Kara, when Quantic Dream was testing out its new graphics rendering solutions.

Gamers will be able to experience the upcoming Detroit: Become Human and shape and mold the future of the three androids as they see fit come May 25th.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.