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A knight fights samurai in For Honor.

If you're looking for plans next weekend, you might want to consider setting aside some time to take For Honor for a spin. Ubisoft has announced that, following a year's worth of updates, the game will be receiving another free weekend across all platforms. If you haven't played yet or just want to see how the game has evolved, get ready for four days of gratis gaming.

Ubisoft announced this week an upcoming For Honor free weekend running from May 3 to May 6. The event will be hosted on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game, as well as the PC. During that window, all you have to do is head to your marketplace of choice and download the game for zero dollars.

As has become common practice with these sorts of things, you're not downloading a demo of For Honor. Instead, you're getting your hands on the complete package, including all of the multiplayer modes, the solo campaign and the online co-op modes, complete with the game's original roster of 12 heroes (that's four apiece for the Vikings, Knights, and Samurai).

What's great about these types of promotions is that, not only do you get to see what the full game is really like, but all of your progress will carry over to a full purchase if you eventually decide to pick up a copy of For Honor. Whether you decide to fork over the money during the free weekend or even six months from now, your save and all of your progress will still be waiting for you.

What makes this particular For Honor free weekend interesting is that, as noted by Ubisoft, it comes after more than a year's worth of updates to the core game. We think it's fair to say that For Honor didn't exactly hit the ground running when it first launched. But the developers kept making updates and improvements, many fueled by community input, and For Honor has evolved quite a bit over the past 12 months. It's one of those games that saw its community grow over time, too, meaning now would be a good time to, bare minimum, take the game for a spin over four days of free play. If you're new to the game, you'll get to dive into an experience more like what the community expected in the first place. If you're a returning player considering pledging your allegiance to an army all over again, then you can see just how far the game has come with no obligation to pay an upfront cost. And for anyone who does decide to buy the full game, you'll get 75 percent off through May 15.

Also worth noting is that the Warrior Training Program has been reinstated in For Honor. Any veteran players who decide to group up with free weekend players to help show them the ropes will earn some in-game rewards, which means newcomers can expect plenty of willing, experienced players to help make learning the game more welcoming.

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