Horizon: Zero Dawn Is Becoming A Board Game

Horizon Zero Dawn
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Guerrilla Games' Horizon: Zero Dawn managed to carve out a strong corner of the market when it released in early 2017 for the PS4. Some analysts believed that the game could end up selling just as much if not more than Uncharted 4, and it turns out that the game moved nearly 8 million SKUs. The popularity and marketplace presence of the brand has led to Guerrilla Games moving forward with a brand new venture for the property, specifically looking to turn Horizon: Zero Dawn into a board game, complete with miniature board game pieces.

Over on the official Steamforged website, there's a brief news piece confirming that there is a board game in the works for Horizon, and that Steamforged Games will be working with Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe and Guerrilla Games to bring the board game to life based on the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

The Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game will be Kickstarted into existence, requiring the crowdfunding route to bring the miniatures and pieces to life. We don't get much in the way of details regarding what the board game will be like or how it will look in its grand form, but we do get to see two pieces from the board demonstrated on the website page.

The first image is of the Scrapper, which was one of the robots designed to turn biomaterial (or other robosaurs) into scrap. The mockup of the robot is representative of what Steamforged is aiming to create when it comes to the plastic model, and we see that the model has a ton of detail and looks like a 1:1 replica of Guerrilla Games' 3D model from the game. From the power packs on the back to the drills on the front, and even the carbon cables under the hind legs all contain an impeccable amount of detail.

We also see a small miniature of Aloy, decked out in her tribal armor along with carrying the staff she fashioned to convert some of the robosaurs roaming around the world. There is a note at the bottom of the pieces. stating that they aren't final and that they will need to get final approval from the licensor, which is Guerrilla Games and SIE.

It's likely that what you see on the page is what will be featured in the Kickstarter for Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game. Steamforged Games has an illustrious history of having worked with a lot of top brands in the world of gaming, so it's doubtful that Guerrilla would have an issue with the miniatures. Some of the previous brands that the company worked on included a board game for Resident Evil 2, and both a card game and a board game for Dark Souls. So there's a lot of history behind the company and being able to churn out some high-quality products based on popular brands.

As far as the Horizon: Zero Dawn project is concerned, the board game will take to Kickstarter, just like the recent Street Fighter board game, but Steamforged doesn't say exactly when the Kickstarter will commence other than that it's happening "soon".

Will Usher

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