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The digital subscription service that Microsoft rolled out for the Xbox One entertainment platform called the Xbox Game Pass continues to grow and expand. It's part of the all-digital future that Microsoft has been pitching since the public inception of the Xbox One all-in-one entertainment system back in 2013. Five years ago gamers weren't too keen on the all-digital model that Microsoft was pitching, but the climate has changed over the years and some gamers have warmed to the idea of forfeiting physical ownership for digital subscriptions in the form of the Xbox Game Pass. The appeal for the Xbox Game Pass comes in the form of its ever-expanding library of games each month, and Microsoft revealed what new games are being added to the line-up for August, which includes some big-name games and indie darlings.

The news dropped over on the Xbox Wire, where it was revealed that IO Interactive's first season of Hitman is joining, along with the cyberpunk hack-and-slash title Ruiner, and the Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome.

Seven games in total were added to the Xbox Game Pass, including Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure. Yes, this is actually an Xbox 360 title that was recently remastered for the Xbox One, and it had the Kinect functionality replaced with native controller support. If you still have a functioning Kinect, you can still use it to play the game, which includes a number of Disney worlds based on properties such as UP, Cars, Ratatouille, Toy Story, and The Incredibles.

Dandara is one of three indie titles added to this month's line-up, which is a physics-based platforming game that is themed after the Metroidvania concept. You'll be able to defy gravity by moving on walls, walking on ceilings, and moving throughout space in sometimes non-linear fashion.

The second indie title to make the cut is The Escapists: The Walking Dead, which is a cross-branded edition of The Escapists combined with AMC's The Walking Dead. It seems like AMC is really getting around to spreading the branded love of The Walking Dead these days. Anyway, your job is to take control of Rick Grimes, fight off the undead, and attempt to lead the survivors to safety through an 8-bit pixelated adventure.

The third indie title is one of my favorites from 2017, Ruiner. This game came out of nowhere but really hammered home a hard-hitting, gritty, cyberpunk, adventure set in a world where brainjacking is common, where recycling human body parts is the norm, and where revenge is carried out on a dish involving a razor-sharp plasma blade and a laser cannon. This isometric adventure oozes style, with an art style that's a cross between Ghost in The Shell and Tron.

Next on the list is Dead Rising 2, another Xbox 360 carryover from last gen. It sees players assuming the role of Chuck Green as he attempts to fight off the zombie horde and save his daughter.

Crytek's Xbox One launch title, Ryse: Son of Rome, also makes the cut. Players take on the role of Marius Titus who hacks and slashes his way through hordes of enemies in order to save Rome from the plight of war.

And finally, there's the first season of IO Interactive's Hitman. You can check out all of the stages from the first season in preparation for Hitman Season 2. You'll be able to follow the story of the ICA operative, Agent 47, as he dispatches foes from around the world, all while exploring and visiting exotic locations.

The Xbox Game Pass is available right now for Xbox One owners for $9.99 a month.