Watch Ninja Try To Teach Ellen Degeneres How To Play Fortnite In Hilarious Clip

It's hard not to know what Fortnite is at this point. Just about every kid with a computer, smartphone, or video game console is putting a little bit of time and energy into Fortnite. The game has become so popular that it's even managed to breach the mainstream spaces, including making an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

In the eight minute clip that was posted on the Ellen YouTube channel, she begins by explaining that dancer/DJ Twitch introduced a new dance on the show the day before, and when she asked him where the dance originated from, he explained that it came from Fortnite. This led Ellen down the rabbit hole of Epic's Battle Royale phenomenon, and, eventually, she teamed up with Twitch superstar, Ninja.

The two ended up playing through a game, but it went about as well as you would have expected. Ellen had to first get acclimated to the right and left analog, which usually doesn't go over so well with newbies. But, maybe one day we'll have standardized touchpads like with the Steam Controller so neophytes can pick up and play the game with relative ease. At least Microsoft is on the right track with the Adaptive Controller.

Anyway, the two then make it down onto the map and Ninja proceeds to start building stuff while Ellen whacks away at nothing with the pickaxe. When Ninja attempts to coax Ellen into killing other players, she chides him for wanting to commit acts of violence and, instead, encourages him to attempt to reach out and talk to the competition. This doesn't go over so well given that Ninja attempts to communicate through infinite dabbing, and it just results in him getting killed. Ellen also fails to avenge his death after picking up a shotgun and being killed by NFL free agent Dez Bryant.

Like most other instances where Ninja finds himself playing with someone completely unfamiliar with Fortnite, the whole affair is basically designed to promote his brand, promote the game, and get a little face-time with mainstream television audiences.

In a way, Ninja's efforts to teach celebrities to play the game reminds me a little bit of the Clueless Gamer segments on Conan's show, which operates on a very similar format, with him mocking the game while playing through it.

Based on Ellen's encounter with Ninja, it doesn't seem like she'll be diving back into Fortnite anytime soon. However, she definitely seemed interested in all the fancy dance moves that the game seems to contain, even though the dancing didn't quite thrill Josh Brolin when he saw Thanos breaking out the moves. Who knows, maybe Epic's next big title will be a PvP dance-off where players battle against each other using motion-based dance moves. I imagine Ellen would do rather well in a game like that given her penchant for busting out dance moves during the show.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.