Face it, life can get pretty boring without video games. But with the rise in new technology, some developers have been working to “gamify” your life, or to bring the video gaming into real life. Some might argue your ability to differentiate between reality and fiction will be blurred, but then those people have never spent hours playing Skyrim or Fallout 4. Check out these five apps and websites that work to turn your life into a video game.

HabitRPG is an online app that works to help you accomplish things in your life through the style of a video game. Your character on the website will be directly linked to how you are progressing in real life. So if you screw up in real life, your character falls behind. Even though the website is slightly similar to the app, Quest: Level Up Your Life, it does pose a very different addition. On HabitRPG, you can play online with others, collaborating and competing. You can also join special interest groups that will include special challenges where you can complete them and earn a sweet special prize at the end (if you do the best out of everyone, that is). You can learn more about HabitRPG at their website and check out the How To video here.

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