Looking for a place to call your own in Elder Scrolls Online? Well it might be a little while away, but for the first time the ESO team has confirmed that the feature is coming.

On this week's Elder Scrolls Online livestream (via Massively Overpowered), Creative Director Rich Lambert confirmed that player housing was in the initial stages of development, although he declined to reveal more. Player housing can give players a stake in sticking with an MMO that can bolster numbers considerably.

Here's what we came up with when we thought of the best housing systems ever in an MMO. They added a whole new facet to the experience, and having somewhere to hang your hat when you're not off killing rabbits, womp rats, and ultimate evil-doers just makes sense.

Star Wars Galaxies
Not only could you have your own house in Star Wars Galaxies, you could live in a whole community of players in designated player cities. You could decorate your own house with an array of options, and you could do the same with the city at large. As more and more people declared citizenship in a city, more civic buildings were unlocked so eventually all the amenities of a pre-built NPC populated city would be available for use.

These cities were far from static though. Taxes were collected weekly, and elections for Mayor were held every three weeks. This ended up with player cities establishing a complete closed-circuit economy, with weapons, armor, goods, and services manufactured by and sold to citizens that lived in the city.

While other MMOs might have more feature rich individual abodes, none have replicated the ability to create a player-built community that Star Wars Galaxies had.

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