There's a bunch of comic characters out there who are either popular without proper recognition, or underrated and deserve some more popularity. What better way to increase the awareness and prestige of a character than with a well-made and decently-promoted video game?

Rocksteady helped take an already popular Batman and elevate him even more with the Arkham games, and Beenox has done a fair job of keeping Spider-Man in the limelight under Activision's banner. So with the right developer and a good enough gameplay concept at the center of the game's design, there's a few characters who could really shine with the proper spotlight shown on them within the interactive entertainment market.

This list converges on a few comic book characters that definitely deserve a game; and not just based on how popular they are in the community. The list briefly discusses how these games could differ from the norm while also playing up to the attributes and thematic elements of the characters. Of course, you're likely to see a few familiar faces, but this is also about paying a bit of tribute to some of the lesser known and lesser appreciated heroes and villains of the comic book universe.

So let's get started with these meager list of 5 comic book characters that definitely deserve their own video games.

Evil Ernie: RTS Action Game
He's not as well known as some of the other comic book characters out there, but he has a very interesting premise. So he's essentially an anti-villain, he has super powers that allow him to revive the dead or turn others into necro-beings that follow under his command. He can absorb damage a lot like Spawn and his main task is to destroy the world. Now this is the perfect setup for a game that combines the likes of Brutal Legend, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and Stubbs The Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse.

Players would have to use hack-and-slash tactics against opponents, using Ernie's evil energy-siphoning powers to either recharge his own life or turn enemies into his own undead followers. With today's generation of consoles this could enable players to have battles that scale from low-level street thugs early in the game, up to mid-level gang members, the police force and eventually the army. The goal? Well, blow up the world. It wouldn't be an Evil Ernie game any other way.

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