Virtual reality has been the talk of the gaming community, especially since the announcement of the steep $600 price for the Oculus Rift. Last week, supposedly the price of the PlayStation VR leaked on three Swiss retailer websites claiming about a $435-$544 price range, which obviously isn’t much better than the $600 price point. So with all of the hype spreading around, here are some predictions for the future of virtual reality gaming.


It will be too expensive.
This should be an obvious notion to predict about the virtual reality gaming industry. With the $600 price point of the Oculus Rift and a rumored price point not much lower from the PlayStation VR, it’s a given to worry that the extremely high prices are going to be too much for the average gamer. While working at GameStop, I saw gamers even struggling with dishing out the initial price of almost $500 for the Xbox One with the Kinect. So how are gamers supposed to afford an Oculus Rift for $600? The best part is, it’s not even a console, it’s an added device to allow for the capability for virtual reality, but it costs more than a console. So if you don’t have a PS4 yet, well, there’s another $300 to $400 to tack on to the price of the VR device. And you don’t even want to see how expensive of a gaming PC you need to even run the Oculus Rift.

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