APB: Reloaded Brings The Angel Pack Back, Fixes Up The UI

Ah, we haven't had any APB: Reloaded news around these parts for quite some time. In fact, it's been ages since anything about the open-world MMO action title has been printed. Well, today that all changes with the latest update being more like a sales pitch for popular content released during Valentine's Day. Yep, the Angel Pack is back and available for a limited time. But the real good news is that the game has seen an overhaul in its UI thanks to Scaleform.

3D menus and login information, anyone? Well, GamersFirst and Reloaded Productions has gone and done it. The new setup is just a first step overhaul process to bring the several-year-old MMO up to par to today's standards of menu navigation and 3D UI control.

Eventually, the team will move on over to an in-game UI overhaul and fix up the customization screens with new knobs, dials, slides and buttons as well. For now, they've just started with the main menus and login screens, so we'll keep you posted on when they toss in some other UI upgrades as well.

Also, if you haven't been keeping track of APB's updates, the game now offers a brand new weapon called the N-SSW 74 DVAH and the N-SSW 74 Kraken. Both weapons are labeled as light-machine guns and offer players some heavy artillery during fire fights. If you were curious how well the N-SSW 74 holds up under the stress of PVP, just check out the new machine gun in action with the in-game video footage below.

The weapon design and usage was centered around the real-life kalashnikov RPK-74, a heavy duty suppression weapon that's pretty good for mid to long range combat. The two different types offered in APB: Reloaded give gamers a normal clip-sized version as well as a modified drum-fed version for those of you who chew through bullets like Mike Tyson chews through ears.

Last but not least – well, technically it is the least important thing, but who cares? – the Angel Pack is available right now up until June 27th. You can grab a pair of wings for male or female avatars for 599G1C from the Armas Marketplace, or you can learn more about APB: Reloaded by paying a kind visit to the game's official website. With the new server optimization and rendering updates, I imagine complaints about lag and playability have subsided greatly... or at least, one can hope.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.