Ace Attorney 5 Gameplay Trailer Starts With A Bang

With Tokyo Game Show now underway, Capcom has decided to release the first full trailer from Ace Attorney 5. Through some footage of the 3DS game's first case, the trailer reveals a couple of the new features.

Ace Attorney 5 begins with the old courthouse being blown up. A high school student is accused of the crime. Phoenix Wright, reinstated as a lawyer thanks to the events of the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, takes the case.

The game now uses fully 3D graphics instead of 2D sprites. Capcom has done an excellent job of making the new visuals retain the style of older games, though. The still pictures of the game almost look hand-drawn. It reminds me a bit of Valkyria Chronicles in that regard.

Wright will once again question witnesses and attempt to find holes in their testimony. This process is a bit more interactive thanks to a new "Kokoro Scope." While witnesses are talking, this new meter actually shows you what emotions the witness is demonstrating. This clues you in on what topics to press further.

Capcom hasn't announced a release date for Ace Attorney 5 yet. However, it's playable at TGS so it can't be too far away.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.