Amazon Pre-Orders For PS4, Xbox One Sold At 2,500 Units Per Minute

While a lot of people discounted the effect that the Amazon poll may have had on the purchasing decisions of next generation consoles, I think it's safe to say that Amazon announcing record-breaking pre-order numbers in the video game division due to the PS4 and Xbox One becoming available for pre-purchase, speaks volumes.

As many of you know, after the PlayStation 4 took over and dominated the original Amazon poll in a landslide victory over the Xbox One last week, Amazon ended their Facebook poll a week early. The reasons behind this still remains a mystery and the company hasn't responded to any of our inquiries, although many people suspect that it was ended due to vote rigging or because Microsoft stepped in to have it shutdown due to them having a heavy advertising campaign running on Amazon at the time.

Nevertheless, the online marketplace was forthcoming about pre-order stats and a representative for Amazon, Katharine Scarpa, dropped some mean facts on us, noting that...

The E3 week pre-orders of the two wildly-anticipated gaming consoles brought a year-over-year increase in orders of more than 4,000%, compared to consoles ordered during E3 week last year.[And] day-one pre-orders for the two consoles was nearly two times that of all video games sales on Black Friday last year (2012)

Amazon, however, avoids detailing which console was taking the lead in those pre-order sales and what the ratio to PS4 to Xbox One pre-orders were/are during this boom period.

According to estimates from VG Chartz, the PlayStation 4 moved around 75,000 pre-order units where-as the Xbox One moved about 45,000 units during the week ending on June 15th, the exact same time that Amazon was undergoing their record breaking sales boom.

Now Gamer offers a slightly different take on the scenario, with numbers from investment advice firm Seeking Alpha, stating that first quarter sales for the PlayStation 4 will be around 1.8 million while the Xbox One will move around 1.1 million in the first quarter based on the units both systems are moving via pre-orders.

While the general poll consensus across the web heavily favors the PlayStation 4, things may or may not change based on Microsoft's DRM policy reversal.

The internet right now seems to be in a flurry of distrust and contempt over Microsoft's initial plans to strip away their rights and brandish everyone as a “felon” with the mandatory check-in. Microsoft hasn't quite redeemed themselves just yet; it takes more than a single announcement to regain the loyalty of a community they destroyed for the sake of monopolizing the market.

Whether or not gamers will stick to their guns and hold off on pre-ordering or picking up the Xbox One day-one this fall due to the uncertainty of the DRM policies remains to be seen, but the stats so far seem to lend themselves in favor of Sony thanks to a strong showing at E3 and reaffirming their stance for abandoning disc-based DRM for the PlayStation 4.

Now all we need to do is wait for the fall and see which one of the two console giants will be able to take the spot of second place behind Nintendo's Wii U.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.