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There is an Attack on Titan game on the way for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is based on the manga Shingeki no Kyojin, which is extremely popular in Japan right now. Shortly after the revelation that a game was in the works, a teaser website for the portable game went live.

Dual Shockers caught wind of the new site, which looks pretty impressive to be a teaser site. It's decked out in some dystopian colors and has a nice big image of the main character from the series (presumably before he died) and the Colossal Titan who aims to work as the main antagonist of the series.

The teaser site, which you can check out right here. Spike Chunsoft is heading up development and I have no idea how the game will turn out or what players will actually do. The anime series is known for being rather violent and it does seem like a strange fit that the game would be made for the Nintendo 3DS, which isn't quite known for having the same level of violent games on the platform as the PS Vita.

Speculation has already run rampant that the game may be similar to a web based title that is crude but still manages to get it done, which you can check out in the video below.

I guess it would only make sense to add some context to all this loose word wrangling about a propety many Westerners may not be familiarized with. So basically, the series is about these giant naked men who attack towns. They look perverted but they don't actually do any of that Japanese stuff you might think they might do. Instead, the giant naked men just terrorize towns and eat humans. Yup, they eat humans.

It's a very violent anime but not without its merit. There are a group of teenagers (because it's Japan, duh) who must stop the titans by using jet-boosters, grappling hooks and swords. While there are guns and ballistics in the world of Attack on Titan, they don't do as much damage as the swords because the only way to kill the titans is to slice the nape on the back of their neck. It's almost the equivalent of cutting the spinal chord on a human. Of course, the only way to get to that nape is to gain height, use speed and use a sharp object, hence the swords, jet boosters and grappling hooks. You can also see how this could make for an amazing game, right?

The rules of the world and unforgiving nature of the show has caused the series to gain a meteoric rise in popularity. Quite naturally, a game would only make sense to satiate the growing product consumption for the property, just like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and other popular anime brands.

There are no further details on the game, but we'll be sure to keep you posted on any further information or if the inevitable highly requested localization of the game pops up on a publisher's radar.

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