Console gamers won't always have Awesomenauts all to themselves. Ronimo is bringing the side-scrolling, multiplayer strategy game to the PC by the end of the month, with a Mac version following close on its heels.

"We love the idea of being able to play Awesomenauts with our friends through Steam using our trusty mice and keyboards," said Ronimo. "So we went ahead and actually built it! To speed things up we've been getting a lot of help and support from our fans, quickly translating new texts and giving us valuable feedback on the balance and new controls."

Awesomenauts features 3-on-3 online and offline battles. You can face off against humans, bots or a mix of both. The basic structure - two teams of customizable Champion characters battling their way through the enemy's defensive lines - is reminiscent of MOBA games like League of Legends. It's the sort of game you would've expected to arrive on PC before consoles, actually.

A beta for the PC version will be announced soon. Details will be announced through the official Awesomenauts Facebook page. Worth a follow if you consider yourself a fan.

Ronimo says that the work they put into this new version won't divert their attention from its console counterparts. New content and patches are planned for all three versions in the future.

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