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There's something for just about everyone launching on the PlayStation Network this week, including a new(ish) Final Fantasy game, a PS3 wrestler, a couple of old school classics, a vertically scrolling shooter and one of the few AAA games to launch so far in 2015, Battlefield Hardline.

The focus of Battlefield Hardline shifts from the war on terror to the war on crime in this latest offering, as players will be granted the opportunity to play a fast-paced and lethal version of cops and robbers in this departure from the norm for first-person shooter franchise. There are quite a few games hitting PlayStation consoles this week but, given Battlefield's record, we imagine Hardline is going to steal the show on both the PS3 and the PS4.

Final Fantasy fans also have something to be excited about this week as Type-0 finally makes its way Stateside. Originally released for the PlayStation Portable, Type-0 never made its way west when it was first launched several years ago. Now an HD remake will give us our first crack at the game and, from the early buzz Type-0 HD is getting, it sounds like it's been worth the wait. And don't forget that buying the game is this only way to play the Final Fantasy XV demo, too.

Roguelike RPG fans will also have the opportunity to enjoy The Awakened Fate Ultimatum on the PS3 this week, with Bladestorm: Nightmare bringing its fast and furious combat to both the PS3 and the PS4. An enhanced version of the 2007 original, expect new missions, a visual facelift and all sorts of extra frills to make the upgrade worth the effort.

Wrestling fans on the PS3 can slam into 5 Star Wrestling this week, a digital-only game boasting a “40 hour challenge campaign,” according to the official announcement, as well as limb damage systems and in-game rivalries.

The PS2 version of Cars and the PSone action game Echo Night will also be up for grabs in the Classics section this week, while Cabela's African Adventures brings big hunts to the PS4.

Jamestown+ is this week's big Spring Fever game, an indie title offering an updated version of the popular PC vertically scrolling shooter. As with all Spring Fever games, you can expect a small discount if you're a member of PlayStation Plus.

Finally, Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype will bring its bullet hell beauty to the Vita this week, while Tennis in the Face will let gamers on both the PS3 and Vita fight off an evil corporation with the power of, you guessed it, tennis.

Look for all of that, along with the usual dose of demos, DLC and the like, to arrive on the PlayStation Network Tuesday afternoon, March 17.

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