Bioshock: The Collection Leaked Online Along With New Box Art

The box art for what could be 2K's next big release has leaked online. A Taiwanese ratings board has apparently outed the approaching release of a trilogy of BioShock games due for release on the Xbox One and PS4. Unfortunately no release date was revealed for when the collection would be available.

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Gamespot did a brief report on the box art being uncovered by Twitter user lifelower, who posted the following tweet that revealed the box art of BioShock: The Collection.

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The box art features a giant, nearly rusted plaque of the iconic BioShock logo set against a background that features a skyscraper peaking up from the surface of the ocean while a glimpse of the underwater city of Rapture can be view below and the sky city of Columbia can be viewed above. Columbia's airships and floating city platforms are ever-so-slightly on display amongst a fade from the ocean to the sky, while the haunting lights of Rapture can be seen spotlighting the man-made Atlantis formed from concrete and objective determination.

The actual art of the box for the collection of BioShock titles is simple yet engrossing, capturing the original dread of BioShock with the darkened image of Rapture all while capturing the wonderment of Columbia from BioShock: Infinite with the bright city image above. I suppose BioShock 2 fits somewhere in between.

If you click through the link it takes you to the official Taiwanese ratings board website where they have a listing for the Xbox One version of BioShock: The Collection, which seems to have a lot of “to be announced” statements tossed in there. What they do list is that the game contains violence, alcohol and “improper speech”. They list the genre as “role-playing” and that the game rating is possibly “limited”... although I'm not sure what that references.

While it only lists the Xbox One version on the site, Gamespot has already previously reported on BioShock: The Collection being listed at other foreign retailers for the Xbox One and PS4. The Taiwanese ratings board will likely have a separate entry for the PS4 version of the collection.

The ratings for the game was originally unveiled back in September of 2015, last year. It's been a while but it looks like more ratings boards are beginning to rate the title for release in their region. One thing that it leaves you to question is when 2K actually plans on releasing this particular BioShock collection? Perhaps sometime this fall... maybe?

This is likely a hold-me-over title as 2K has 2K Marin work on a brand new BioShock following the closure of Irrational Games, the former makers of the series. We'll see what they have in store when they'll undoubtedly release more info later in the year.

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