If you had plans of staying in on Friday and enjoying the comfort of shopping from the confines of your computer chair, then gPotato has some special deals and item bonuses for you on all their games except for Allods.

I’m almost under the impression that Allods Online and Astrum Nival are governed by the Russian Mafia. For cripes sake it seems like that game has more influence from some shady Russian folk than Putin did when he was in office.

Anyway, beginning November 22nd and running up to Black Friday, November 26th, gPotato will have special deals available for customers who purchase gPotato points. In addition to having “massive sales” on many items there will also be special bonus items available for purchase as well, at special prices, of course.

You can prep for the deals by learning about which games you’ll want to buy points for by visiting the Official gPotato Website.

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