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Blizzard Secretly Added Duck Hunt To Heroes Of The Storm

The Nintendo classic Duck Hunt manages to make an appearance in Blizzard's free-to-play MOBA Heroes of the Storm. It's an Easter Egg that pops up while players can mess around with the trees in the background of the character menu.

You can check out the video below from HeroesNexus demonstrating the Easter Egg in action.

According to the HeroesNexus description page they explain how to activate the Easter Egg, writing...

After clicking on the trees, a duck will come out and you will have a few bullets to hit it. Spamming mouse clicks won't work. Hitting it with one of the first few shots grants more points. If you miss all shots, the duck will "fly away". Rounds become more difficult as you progress, with Ducks moving ultra fast!

You may have to turn up the resolution to 1080p to clearly make out the ducks. The mini-game kicks in and happens pretty quickly so you have to watch for it to happen at the right moment, otherwise it's kind of easy to miss.

The mini-game is just a nice nod to a classic on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game itself wasn't all that great but the zapper is what really made Duck Hunt stand out from the rest of the herd.

This isn't going to radically change Heroes of the Storm in anyway but at the same time it may help alleviate some of that tension that comes with a lot of MOBA titles.

As some of you might know the skill ceiling in MOBA titles can be very daunting for newcomers and a lot of gamers acknowledge that they don't always like playing MOBAs like Dota 2 and League of Legends because of all the angry, high-tension teammates you have to deal with along with opponents who just want to wipe the floor with your broken and battered carcass.

Having gamers relax a little bit and enjoy some Duck Hunt before hopping into a Heroes of the Storm match could help relieve some of the tension that naturally comes with the game. Although, as most people will admit Heroes of the Storm is a heck of a lot easier to get into than Dota 2 and League of Legends. Valve's Dota 2 is known especially for its steep learning curve, extremely hardcore matches and high skill ceiling for playing decently in the game.

Heroes of the Storm's gameplay resides more on working with teammates and relying a little less on the Rambo factor where one player will attempt to be the biggest, baddest threat on the field. The team levels and talent system makes it a lot easier to digest. I guess more than anything a game like Dota 2 or League of Legends could use a light distraction like Duck Hunt to lighten the mood before a match... or lighten the mood after a match.

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